I’m Back

I’ve had a wonderful, week-long hiatus from blogging. Even as I resume, posts likely will be more sparse for awhile. After all, there’s a new Little Virtus who has stolen Daddy’s heart and needs more of his time.

To get back into the spirit of things, an interesting Monday read comes from across the Pond: William Rees-Mogg of The Times of London writes about the impending downfall of General Motors. (HT: Real Clear Politics)

Amazing stuff to contemplate – my family earned its living from GM – including the premiere health benefits that yours truly benefited from – and my dad still draws a pension from them. But globalization moves on to benefit more and more consumers, and GM appears unable to adapt. So be it. The world continues to change before my eyes, and what was once conventional wisdom collapses into the dark corners and dustbins of history. And who will unleash the market forces that will restore the fortunes of the once mighty Michigan economy? Stay tuned…

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