I Was Wrong

What can I say? I underestimated the anti-Republican sentiment, both in Colorado and nationally. But I would caution members of the political Left from reading too much into this as some sort of ideological shift in their direction.

Nationally, it represents a failure of many GOP officials to live up to their principles and a weariness with the war in Iraq. Maybe a mandate to raise the minimum wage … after that, voters may be asking themselves what they were thinking, but sometimes they feel they have no choice but to kick out some of the bums only to find different bums in charge. C’est la vie when it comes to politics.

Worthwhile reads:

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Congratulations to Colorado’s new governor Bill Ritter, who will have larger majorities in both houses of the state legislature to push forward the Democrat agenda. Be assured the eyes of this blog and others will be fixed on the overreaches that are sure to come.

The charge then is clear to Republicans in this state. Having reached bottom, it is time to rebuild. Like the national party, it is time to return to a soul of fiscal conservatism. Let’s hope then that the silly flirtation with “Big Government Conservatism” is over. Republicans planning for 2008 should watch some game tape from 1994.

Good news from Colorado: Amendment 43 won, Referendum I lost, Amendment 44 lost, GOP has control of State Board of Education (no big surprise).

Concerning the RMA, let me briefly observe that Michael is right, and I am waiting with interest to read post-election commentary from Joshua.

As the GOP needs time to go into retreat, then, so will this blog for awhile – at least on matters of politics and public policy.

In the meantime – M Go Blue, Beat Ohio State!


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    Mt Virtus: Rather than fanning the fires of more ardent conservatism, you can rebuild your party by focusing on what matters to people – common sense, non ideological solutions to our serious problems, such as: how to make sure that all kids get a quality education, no matter their circumstances; how to get health insurance to everyone; how to reduce our dependence on middle east oil; how to keep Colorado’s economy robust. I predict that the Dem trifecta will keep those goals firmly in their focus. I suggest that everyone keep an open mind rather than looking through the glass with an ideological filter. That was what I tried to get across in my campaign. Clearly, I need to work on that message. Paula Noonan

  2. Politigalco says

    There is no such thing as “Big Government Conservatism,” though there are certainly big-government Republicans, led by George W. Bush. As Rush said today, Republicans–not conservatives–lost yesterday because there were no conservatives running as Republicans. (That is a generalization. Obviously, Tancredo would be an exception.) What we desparately need is a national leader of the conservative movement.

  3. says

    To Ms. Noonan: Thank you for your kind suggestions. The truly conservative Reaganesque principles are largely common sense and were largely abandoned by my party during the course of this election. Pragmatism has its limits and must be held in check by principles. The ends should never justify the means.

    While you and I share many of the same goals, we most often disagree on how to attain them. Education is just one such example. I believe the current monopoly-based delivery system for public education needs to be radically overhauled in order to best and most efficiently serve the largest number of children. Freedom and the power to choose work, if we give them a chance and nurture and encourage them.

    Our disagreements probably stem from deep-rooted philosophical differences, and to a lesser extent relevant political interests. I cannot say I am sorry you lost your campaign, but I have gained respect for you. No one else who I have criticized on these pages – and I strive to avoid personal attacks – has taken the time to respond so thoroughly and openly.

    I long for the return of true statesmanship to politics – see the link in my latest post about Dr. Tom Coburn. While we disagree on important issues, I hope we can at least truly share that goal.

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    Politigalco, I could hardly disagree with your assessment. The GOP has a chance to reflect, recant, regroup, and rebound (pardon the alliteration). We should do whatever we can to aid in that process – both here in Colorado and nationally.

    And one more thing: find the inspiration and accept the challenge in Tom Coburn’s prepared remarks after the election.


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    I’m working on a piece for polstate that will focus on what to expect from the Colorado Legislature this next session.

    I have three ideas…(1)Domestic Partnerships are coming no matter what. Gill, Stryker and Polis have given way too much money to the Dems. Paybacks are in order. (2)I can read the writing on the wall. Sue Windels is planning a full frontal assault on school choice. She has been leaking stories to the media attacking Hope Charter. I expect a law that will force charters to get approval from local school boards before they can operate (which would kick several thousand students out of Hope). (3) I’m not sure what the “Colorado Promise” is, but as of last night I’ve heard talk direct from Ritter about “Universal Health Care.” Sounds like a law is coming to “guarantee” everyone in Colorado “Health Insurance.”

    Can you think of anything else?

  6. says

    Wrong? You can’t even DRIVE back to wrong. Completely and totally off the board. Blissfully berefit of clues. Not just a few FRIES short of a happy meal – a veritable empty BAG. The few victories the CO GOP *did* come up with say more about the retrograde state of the State than any validation of Republican principles. I’d take that party ‘leadership’ out behind the barn and do the right thing.

  7. says

    What can you say to the gloating victor who demonstrates neither grace, wit, nor insight?

    (Hint: That’s a rhetorical question.)

    Mr. Wray, it gives me great satisfaction to see how far afield your comments are from general contact with reality. If your party governs as you comment, they’d better not get too comfortable.

    If you actually wanted to have a reasonable debate on the subject of what the election meant, that would be another thing. But since I doubt that is the case, I hope you feel better having gotten some of the angst off your chest.

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