How Colorado Union Bosses Spend Teachers’ Money

On this Election Eve, here’s some interesting information. If you know someone who is a member of the Colorado Education Association (CEA) or American Federation of Teachers (AFT)-Colorado – our state’s teachers unions – you might want to point them to this Web page (compliments of Independence Institute research).

Here are some selected tidbits of information on how union members’ money has been spent on Colorado’s elections in 2006:

According to reports available on November 2, Colorado teachers unions have given $1,481,043 in combined contributions to political parties, candidates, and registered 527 political groups in 2006. The Colorado Education Association (CEA) and four of its local affiliates, along with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT)-Colorado, have given more than $1.15 million to 9 different 527 political groups, including:

– CEA and 3 local affiliates (JCEA, DCTA, BVEA) have given $256,000 to Main Street Colorado
(Rocky Mountain News editor Vincent Carroll twice exposed Main Street Colorado, once for “the most recklessly irresponsible and false ad of the year” and again for a “sleazy falsehood” in a campaign mailer)

– CEA has given $200,000 to Citizens for Progress
(Denver Post columnist Diane Carman called this group’s political ads against gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez “deceptive”)

CEA and affiliates have given $157,334, and AFT-Colorado $10,000, to Citizens for Colorado
(Denver Post noted Citizens for Colorado is “a Democratic group funded by millionaires Rutt Bridges, Pat Stryker and Tim Gill”)

CEA has given $74,300 to Clear Peak Colorado
(Denver Post said Clear Peak Colorado is an “independent political group working for Democratic causes;” one cable company pulled a “shameless” Clear Peak TV ad because it contained “a lie”)

And this:

More than $300,000 of the teachers unions’ $321,429 in direct party and candidate expenditures have funded the Democratic party and 70 of its candidates. Roughly $20,000 has gone to the Republican party and 8 of its candidates. Not counting the 527 groups, nearly 15 times as much teachers union money has directly supported Democrats over Republicans.

Any surprise that when it comes to the most trusted occupations that teachers are near the top of the list but union bosses are near the bottom? Show a teacher you care by pointing them to this information.


  1. Susan Ramsey says

    Your article regarding how Colorado Teachers’ Unions spend teachers’ money fails to mention that teachers have the option to pay dues less the amount (%) that Unions may donate to politcal causes.

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