Democrats Heading For Social Issues Trap

All evidence to the contrary, Colorado’s Democrat “wine-and-cheese” crowd think they have not only the more fashionable but also the more popular positions on all the so-called social issues. When Republicans make a proposal to allow school districts to teach intelligent design, a collective tsk, tsk arises from the elite quarter. We’re reminded of Democrat Speaker Andrew Romanoff’s poignant quote from the 2005 legislative session about budgets vs. bestiality, and the sound of snickers can be heard between sips of Merlot.

But when Democrats announce a proposal to give marriage benefits to homosexuals, the “wine-and-cheese” crowd fawns in awestruck delight. “Forget the budget, and accountability to the taxpayer, now THIS is a winning issue!”

Let me say I agree with Michael on this one: please refer the measure to the vote of the people. Tim Gill and company will spend millions promoting the issue, there can be a good and healthy debate, Democrat legislative candidates will have to decide whether to associate themselves with it, and the conservative base will be further energized to turn out in November.

Since neither party seems able to resist the temptation, let Democrats continue to delude themselves into thinking they have the enlightened corner on social issues – especially this one. The stage is being set for an intense 2006 electoral battle in Colorado.

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