“Deanna Hanna, Shakedownanna…”

I know the story isn’t brand new, but I couldn’t resist a quick post on this topic before the weekend: the Rocky Mountain News castigates State Senator Deanna Hanna – the most popular Colorado legislator in the “name game” song – today with an implied rhetorical comparison to the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Does the word “shakedown” mean anything? The Democrat from Lakewood is in ethical hot water for basically attempting to extort money from a realtors’ group that she felt betrayed her by refusing to fund her 2004 re-election campaign and giving $1,400 to her Republican opponent instead.

You have to credit the Democrat majority for at least being willing to open up an ethics panel on one of their own. Mount Virtus will follow this story as it unfolds.


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    Don’t worry … it’s coming … transparency is accountability for my integrity, after all. If you would like to reveal your identity so we all can see the consistency of your stances….

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