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For what it’s worth, one week before a heated primary election in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District, I’m supporting – and urging all my readers to support – common sense conservative Jeff Crank. At first, I paid little attention to this race, in part because it’s outside my district and keeping up with a six-way Republican primary seemed like too much. I thought that two of the three frontrunner candidates looked like good solid conservatives, and I have more knowledgeable friends on both sides, so I let it go.

But reading about recent developments has convinced me that Doug Lamborn’s campaign tactics are a sign that he is less fit for office, and that Jeff Crank would be a much preferable choice for Republicans in Colorado Springs.

The fact that Hugh Hewitt of all people is bringing national attention to the primary with his support of Crank could be enough to tip the scales in his favor. But he can’t adequately respond to the unfair attacks without sufficient campaign funds. Please read Hugh’s latest post on the dishonest CD-5 primary mudslinging, and support the Crank campaign if you are able.

Also check out Jeff’s blog.


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    I don’t doubt Lamborn’s conservative credentials one whit. The problem has been the tenor of his campaign, as I have observed and have heard from others. Why hasn’t he denounced the so-called “Christian” Coalition mailers that are spreading outright lies about Jeff Crank? This is very disappointing to me.

    At first, I thought that Lamborn vs. Crank was a toss-up: both excellent conservative credentials, etc. But the way things have transpired recently, it looks like Crank will turn out to be the Congressman with more integrity. And I put a premium on integrity in office.

    As for Hugh Hewitt, his endorsement of Harriet Miers was something I disagreed with, too. But it has nothing to do with this matter. He can be right sometimes and wrong sometimes. (Obviously, so can I.) I think precisely because CD-5 is a relatively safe seat, that puts the burden on us Republicans even more to choose the conservative candidate with the most integrity: Jeff Crank.

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