Charter School Blogging

Here’s a great idea: a blog dedicated to a new charter high school in northwest Jefferson County, outside Denver. Learn about the challenges and complications of working to bring a new public school option to life, and maybe find some inspiration for another charter school or charter school-to-be.


  1. lalo says

    The Denver Post reports on the comprehensive State audit of online schools like Hope Co-Op, and pulls no punches in calling them a failure to date:

    I agree with the editorial writer: we can’t afford any more experiments like this until the numerous problems in existing online schools are worked out and oversight is increased.

  2. says

    The editorial writer paints with too broad a brush, when the concerns don’t apply to most of the existing online programs. Those found to have violated have been & will be dealt with through the academic accreditation / probation process.

    Otherwise, I’ll concur once a similarly-conducted statewide audit is performed of all publicly-funded schools. I agree that plenty of waste & inefficiency in the system could be reduced.

    Do you want oversight increased for all public schools, or are you on the side of those who conveniently and selectively cite local control to defend your arguments?

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