Caucus Night

I can’t do better on Caucus Night observations than Joshua – maybe NOT wearing a yarmulker helped me to blend in a bit. As far as not feeling like a fish out of water, I was pleased to see a few members of the 30-&-under crowd with me at the Arvada gathering of 5 precincts.

The caucus was a disappointingly small affair … enthusiasm at the GOP grassroots level is not exactly spilling over the brim. Hmm, go figure. There were 3 of us who showed up for my precinct (and a fourth by proxy). A couple of the other precincts had 6 to 8 people, and one other lady showed up to find out she was her precinct.

I was elected by acclamation, along with the other three in my precinct, as a delegate to the Jefferson County Assembly. Unfortunately, my competition to fill the lone delegate slot to the State Assembly was County Treasurer Mark Paschall, so yours truly will be going to Colorado Springs on May 20 but only as an alternate.

Clay (whose vote I would cancel out at this point) and Joshua also will be representing the RMA at the State Assembly.

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