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Update, 5:45 PM: Well, the 18 inch estimate I made a little less than 7 hours ago was definitely a lowball. We’re at 15 inches and counting here in Arvada. It looks like some other parts of the Denver metro area are getting hit even worse. With the snow set to continue until noon tomorrow, there’s no telling what the final total will be. But worse than the raw snowfall totals are the high winds, the white-outs and blizzard-like conditions. Pray for safety for those still on the roads.

To get an idea of the effect of the winds in creating heavy snow drifts around here today, I’ve posted this picture I took about an hour ago. Stay warm!

Jared has posted more pics from his location on the other side of Denver. For the official coverage, check out these:

Denver Post

850 KOA


Colorado is being covered in a blinding blanket of fresh, powdery snow today. Right now, best guesses indicate that this area will be hit with 18 inches of snow through tomorrow at noon.

The weather conditions helped me determine that today would be a fine day to work from home and maybe take a few vacation hours along the way – and sit down this evening to some classic Christmas cinema.

Three random thoughts:

1. December / Christmastime blizzards are a lot more palatable than their March counterparts. Break out the Irving Berlin / Bing Crosby.

2. It isn’t often you can say that local TV meteorologists underpredicted a major winter storm.

3. Wouldn’t it just be easier to list all the school and business openings?

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