Beauprez On Board with Blunt

Yesterday I wrote an open letter urging Rep. Bob Beauprez to support Rep. John Shadegg in the upcoming House leadership elections. An astute commenter pointed out that I was “too late” – linking to a site I had not seen that says Beauprez has already committed to supporting current House Majority Whip Roy Blunt. Assuming the complete accuracy of this list, it is important to note the following:

As he burns up cell phone minutes this weekend, Shadegg is likely to secure endorsements from previously uncommitted members of the group. And today his spokesperson went even further, issuing a statement asserting that they “already have defections from the Blunt list.” Lastly, as Richard Cohen sagely noted in this week’s issue of National Journal, endorsements in secret ballot leadership races must be taken with tablespoons of salt.

Let’s hope that Rep. Beauprez does the right thing.

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