An Open Letter to Bob Beauprez

This morning I sent the following letter to my Congressman, U.S. Representative Bob Beauprez of Colorado’s 7th Congressional District, regarding the important upcoming decisions for new leadership in the House:

As an active Jefferson County Republican and supporter of your candidacy in the past two elections, I have a concern shared by many within the party that I would like to share.

Regarding the upcoming elections of GOP House leadership, I believe it is of the utmost importance for the sake of the party and the country to select leaders a) who are completely untainted by any dealings with Jack Abramoff, b) who are proven and committed fiscal conservatives (opponents of pork & earmarks), and c) who understand that lobbying and campaign finance are not reformed by more laws and regulations but by significantly reducing the largesse of the federal government.

I believe following this path will begin the process of leading to several important things:
a) Restore the confidence of fiscal conservatives in the party that most closely has reflected their principles in the past;
b) Restore the confidence of the American people in the honesty and integrity of Republican Congressional leadership; and
c) Remove the Abramoff and lobbying scandal issues from the discussion for the 2006 Congressional elections so officials can focus on more important matters like Iraq, immigration, tax reform, and the like.

An important resolution signed by many influential center-right bloggers addresses this topic directly here. An important set of questions for any potential House GOP leadership candidate can be found here.

At this point, Arizona Congressman John Shadegg of all the candidates best reflects the ideals I have set forth to be the next Majority Leader. Congressman Beauprez, I do hope that representing the 7th Congressional District of Colorado, you can give strong consideration to supporting Rep. Shadegg or someone of like mind and background. Thank you for your time and for your hard work representing our district and our party in Washington, D.C.

I urge other conservative-minded Republicans out there to contact your Representative (if he is also from the GOP), as well, concerning this important issue. I will keep you notified of any response I may receive from his office.

Update: Joshua has more insights on Beauprez and the House leadership race.

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