Two Noteworthy Trends

Two stories in today's Washington Times (free log-in required) highlight fascinating potential trends in this year's midterm election, one to cause concern for each political party's leadership. "Former Republicans Campaign as Democrats" shows upstart candidates in selected GOP-held districts are running to the right of the party incumbents, showing that uncontrolled government spending and uncontrolled immigration have harmed the party of Lincoln & Reagan. While the GOP has started to turn it around on these fronts, it will be interesting to see whether they acted in time and whether they will stay in shape starting in 2007. Otherwise, it will be a long and wasted road in the political wilderness. My prediction for the House is that … [Read more...]

Marriage Amendment on Track

Thousands of Coloradans have already cast ballots through the early and absentee voting process. And a new 9NEWS poll shows that the voters are giving a thumbs-up to Amendment 43 (55-38), which would enshrine traditional marriage in the state constitution. At the same time, Referendum I's "counterfeit marriage" scheme has dipped dangerously below the 50-percent mark (48-44). Support has slipped much more for the latter since initial polling was done. A purely political explanation for the trend is the quality and extent of advertising. Opponents of Amendment 43 launched the lame ad with an actor portraying President Bush that never came around to give voters a real reason to oppose it. On the other hand, opponents of Referendum I have … [Read more...]

Senate 22: Liberal Viciousness, Emptiness, Deceit

Coming under fire recently, conservative Republican state senate candidate Mike Kopp has found himself engaged in a fierce political battle that wasn't anticipated a few months ago. Senate District 22 in southern Jefferson County has a significant edge in Republican voter registration. But ever since the distinguished Army veteran and father of three edged out appointed incumbent Kiki Traylor in a tough primary vote, a race that should have been safely in the Republican column is now in play. Smelling blood and hoping for an upset victory, Democrats set their big gun targets on Mike and have not let up, hoping to put their candidate Paula Noonan on top. Besides the usual bag of cheap dirty tactics (e.g., stealing campaign signs), … [Read more...]

Tigers Clinging, Can Claw Back

Have I been disappointed thus far by my Detroit Tigers' performance in the World Series? Yes. Now that they're down 3-1 to St. Louis, have I given them up for dead? Certainly not. This team has been counted out before, and it makes my day to see ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski not only write off the Tigers' chances as dead and buried but also spit on the fresh grave. Of course, Cardinals' fans should be indignant, too, as his East Coast disdain for us flyover hicks shines through (nobody's watching, because who could care without any teams from New York or Boston in the Fall Classic?): To the tens of baseball fans who are watching the lowest-rated World Series in history, hang in there. It's almost over. Only nine innings and one more victory … [Read more...]

Post vs. Beauprez: Round 3,273

It can never hurt to rehash and reprise the theme of hypocrisy in the MSM, especially some of our friends at the Denver Post. It almost looks like the Ritter campaign has contracted out its public relations services. Joshua has it spot on: In the Denver Post's case, they don't llike whistleblowers who leak to Republican campaigns. Of course, they're more than happy to report on the reaction of the Perlmutter campaign to a story planted by that campaign in the Post itself. The Post ridicules Beauprez's claim that his source is courageous, even as it campaigns for federal shield laws for journalists. It states that Beauprez's source leaked for partisan political purposes, even as it defends the New York Times for publishing information … [Read more...]

Vigilant Parents vs. Union: The Latest

You could say I'm tooting my own horn, but most importantly I wanted to share with you this piece about the ongoing struggles of Fort Collins parents Wayne Rutt and Paul Marrick against the local teachers union. Thanks to Edspresso's Ryan Boots for running the piece. Read the piece, then ask yourself a few questions: 1. Who really runs the schools? 2. How can that change? 3. What can and should I do about it? … [Read more...]

Bless You Boys

Enough with Fox and ESPN's contrived controversy about dirt on Kenny Rogers' hand. He pitched a good game. Get over it, St. Louis. Bring on Game 3. In the spirit of a Detroit Tigers team returning to the World Series for the first time since it was "Morning Again in America" and Stevie Wonder topped the charts, I just had to link back to this bit of childhood nostalgia. It's 1984 all over again and time to "Bless You Boys." Restore the Roar once more. Wow! … [Read more...]

A Closer Look at Amendment 40

My good friend Mr. Bob has a different take on Amendment 40 than I do on my ballot picks, which I invite you to read. I could respond to his four points, though, as follows: 1. Many current judges would be pushed out all at once, but the turnover would be less in future years. Some current judges have been there a long time. 2. Using the current retention and recall provisions as justification for a judge to continue on the bench is not persuasive. Who do you know who has a clear understanding of where to go to get insights into whether sitting judges should be retained or removed? The only source of information out there - Commissions on Judicial Performance - recommends that all 108 judges on the ballot this year ben retained and … [Read more...]

High Honors

The Colorado Education Association, carrying the state's largest anti-reform-in-education banner for years, has bestowed on me high honors. The new October-November 2006 edition of CEA Journal included yours truly, the proprietor of this blog, in a select group as "[one] of the most virulent *anti-public education individuals in the state." Incidentally, this appeared in the same issue where union officials also endorsed an astonishing (gasp!) 73 Democrat candidates vs. 6 Republican candidates - oh so clearly not reflecting the political affiliations of their rank-and-file membership. The badge of honor has now assumed a permanent place at the top of the page. I believe I now can say I've truly made my parents proud, and my life's work … [Read more...]