GOP Super Saturday: Jeffco Style

Poll numbers for Colorado Republicans have been less favorable than any would like to see, but in the crucial weeks leading up to the 2006 election the Party is putting another weapon into play: volunteers. I was pleased to see several dozen volunteers show up at GOP Victory Headquarters in Wheat Ridge this morning to see Rick O'Donnell and the legendary Hugh Hewitt. After a brief rally, volunteers split up to work their separate state house districts - dropping literature, making phone calls, stuffing mailers. I was told many more volunteers who never showed up at Victory HQ went to work hitting the streets this morning. Jeffco's big "Super Saturday" volunteer push is part of a statewide GOP effort. So if you're a registered Colorado … [Read more...]

New Poll Shows Beauprez Down Only 3 Points

Finally, Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez has something to be cheered about: a Wall Street Journal/Zogby poll released shows Beauprez trailing Democrat rival Bill Ritter by 3 points (margin of error +/- 4 points). In light of two recent polls that showed a much more distinct advantage for Mr. Ritter, I wouldn't stake my credibility on this survey signifying a huge momentum swing in the Republican's favor. More polling data over the coming weeks will have to corroborate some sort of trend. At the same time, it has to be sobering news for the Ritter bandwagon and perhaps can energize the GOP base here in Colorado. Yes, the Beauprez campaign got a late start. My druthers would have been to see a more aggressive … [Read more...]

The NIE: Putting Iraq in Perspective

I usually leave the details of the bigger issues of the GWOT in the hands of experts more capable than I. If you want to pick a fight on this issue, take it up with one of them. Let me start by answering a few common questions about Iraq that get tossed about. 1. Have we made mistakes in prosecuting the war in Iraq? Yes (but isn't that every war?) 2. Is the violence in Iraq between Shi'ites and Sunnis troubling? Yes (but civil war can still be averted) 3. Are American forces viewed as friendly liberators by most of the Iraqi population? No (but many more are eager to make the democratic experiment work on a permanent basis) 4. Therefore, it was a mistake to go to war in Iraq, right? Wrong! 5. Were there other justifications for going … [Read more...]

Supremes to Decide Union Member Rights

If there's one case I'm going to be following in the U.S. Supreme Court's new docket, it's this one: The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to decide whether public employee unions must get special permission before spending some workers' dues on political causes. Justices accepted an appeal from the state of Washington that involves fees paid to the Washington Education Association by teachers who decline to join the union. Those workers still can be charged dues by the union to help pay for labor negotiations that affect them. But they can't be forced to pay for the union's political activism, under a string of Supreme Court rulings that reach back nearly 30 years. At issue is whether the union needs teachers to say "yes" before the … [Read more...]

Bad Press Day for Colorado Dems

And about time, I should say. Why not take a minute to point out a couple of interesting stories highlighted in today's Rocky Mountain News? First, the latest in the controversy about Nayyera Haq, the staffer for Democratic Congressman John Salazar who verbally lashed back at Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo for defending the Pope's right to free speech. The Rocky reports that Haq has taken a temporary leave from Salazar's campaign. Meanwhile, the Rocky took a miss on Haq's unfair distortions of Tancredo's comments as anti-Islamic and her role in inviting Islamic extremists to Capitol Hill, which have been documented by the local blog To the Right and the national blog Red State. And a Google News search for the name Nayyera Haq or … [Read more...]

Denver Dailies Duel over Dennis’ Decision

This morning Rocky Mountain News editorial page editor Vince Carroll is indeed on point in his defense of embattled Secretary of State Gigi Dennis. After careful hearings and public deliberation, Dennis issued a series of rules on August 2 to clarify Colorado's election laws, including a provision that membership organizations must ask their members' individual written permission before using part of their dues in political campaigns. Seems fair enough, right? While the principle behind the rule stands clear and strong, some have called the timing of its delivery into question. Some union bosses are used to automatically taking members' money for political purposes and claim that having to ask permission of all their members would be an … [Read more...]

Righting the Beauprez Ship

As highlighted by El Presidente, the Beauprez campaign needs to get its act together - more like it needed to get its act together yesterday. I have refrained from writing about this race in recent weeks because in the very limited time available to blog, I didn't want to spend it highlighting all the gaffes (and alleged lies) from Colorado's Republican would-be governor and his campaign staff. The gurus at Real Clear Politics have captured the losing trend in this race and pointed out the current average poll gap of 12 points! With 50 days until Election Day (and much sooner until absentee ballots start getting distributed), is it too late for Bob Beauprez to turn the corner and upset Democrat Bill Ritter? No one knows for sure. But it … [Read more...]


Today marks the five-year anniversary of a horrific day forever etched in our individual and collective memories. May God continue to give peace and comfort and strength to the families of victims, wisdom and moral clarity and fortitude to our nation's leaders, and faith and patience and resolve to each and every citizen of the United States of America. Five years later, America has not forgotten. May we never be overcome by grief or fear or apathy or moral confusion. But for the sake of liberty and humanity and all we hold dear, may we go on to wage the fight against the fanatical evildoers of Islamofascism. The road well may be long and arduous, but the outcome is certain: On to Victory! … [Read more...]

“Empty Eddie”

As many pundits have pointed out, the Congressional race in Colorado's 7th District (in which I happen to live) figures to be one of the competitive campaigns of the 2006 season. Republican Rick O'Donnell and Democrat Ed Perlmutter are squaring off to replace the open seat left by Congressman Bob Beauprez, who is running for governor While I have often been too busy of late to comment on this race, I have enjoyed the email press releases coming from the O'Donnell campaign. The most recent release is clever, generating a nickname for the opponent that deserves to catch on - "Empty Eddie." Why? The message of the release is spot on, bringing up a point that ought not to be ignored: O'Donnell's Web site contains a series of detailed … [Read more...]

Answer to the Left’s Attempted Squelching of ABC’s 9/11 Documentary

The Left's organized propaganda machine is out in force to protest ABC's new 9/11 documentary. Mr. Bob has urged us to go use their comment space to write something more appropriate, such as a letter of support, to ABC. I think it's a fine idea. Below is the letter I wrote compliments of (all you have to do is go in and change the subject line and message text to express what you want to say): Robert A. Iger President and CEO, The Walt Disney Company Dear Mr. Iger: Thank you for not caving in to political pressure from organized interest groups in your efforts to depict the events leading up to 9/11. Americans deserve the chance to see an honest, balanced historical account of what led up to that … [Read more...]