The Way Forward in Iraq

An important strategic decision and the decisive foreign policy issue before our leaders today: Do we listen to John Kerry and John Murtha, who follow the political winds, set an artificial timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. armed forces from Iraq? Or do we listen to the new, freely-elected Iraqi government, which in conjunction with coalition forces on the ground, has set a series of achievable benchmarks to determine the timing for foreign troop withdrawal and greater internal control? Read the essay in today's Washington Post by Iraq's national security adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie (HT: Austin Bay). Question for the Party of Retreat and Defeat ... why now? … [Read more...]

Irony, Confusion, and Desperate Hopes

Have you stopped and thought about this irony? The survival of the Republican primary campaign of gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman - steeped in the claim that he is the only credible candidate in strong opposition to illegal immigration - now appears to hinge on the same hopes that have removed the anti-illegal immigration initiative from the ballot: attorney Marc Grueskin and a new interpretation of the law from the activist Colorado Supreme Court. Read that again. Let it sink in. You'd have to think it was a comic parody, but it's sadly all too real. This was the only bright spot for the underdog: While that decision was a blow to Holtzman, Hyatt also rejected a challenge to the qualifications of many of the paid … [Read more...]

Go Figure

The Dead Governors are right to question the credibility of anonymous bloggers claiming to be College Republicans who have jumped ship to support Ritter. There isn't time to deconstruct the alleged confession line-by-line. Either this is a very clever liberal ploy or a CR member who is very gullible and wishy-washy. Regardless, anonymity on the 'Net undermines credibility. Until there is clarity and context and elaboration, such an announcement should be taken with the molecule of salt it deserves. And even then... … [Read more...]

Holtzman vs. the Rule of Law

Marc Holtzman writes in an electronic letter that I received: The Republican Party is about issues, ideas, agendas, and -- just as importantly -- ballot access. What about the rule of law?, asks Rocky Mountain News editor Vincent Carroll: "You're allowed to vote anywhere in the state for a statewide candidate," observes Mark Grueskin, the attorney trying to get GOP candidate Marc Holtzman on the August primary ballot. "Why can't you get signatures from anywhere in the state." Um, maybe because that seems to be against the law? Holtzman chirps endlessly about the rule of law being flouted by illegal immigrants. Now he has a chance to do his bit to shore up respect for the legal system: Tell his attorney to drop his attempt to … [Read more...]

Listen, Marc

John Andrews certainly has a point - I have tried to make the same ultimate argument (see here and here and most recently here). "Your statements on immigration are not credible as long as [Mark Grueskin] is your attorney," the conservative Colorado statesman wrote. Marc Holtzman would be wise to listen. … [Read more...]

A Tale of Three Candidates

What a telling week this may turn out to be in the race for Colorado's governor and state legislature. In the wake of an overreaching decision from the state Supreme Court: 1. Marc Holtzman's campaign slips further into irrelevancy by clinging to judicial activism in order to stay alive. His lawyers - one of whom argued before the Supreme Court to have Defend Colorado Now's initiative removed from the ballot - are calling on a judge to loosely interpret the law to allow him on the ballot in the first place. 2. Bill Ritter's campaign may want to reconsider its very loud and leadership-lacking "no comment" on this very important and momentous issue. 3. Bob Beauprez, the Republican choice for governor, has been out in front on … [Read more...]

Partisanship in the Courtroom

It is contorted decisions like the one the Colorado Supreme Court made yesterday regarding the anti-illegal immigration initiative that undermine citizens' respect for the judiciary. As has been proven again and again, naked partisanship no longer ends at the courtroom door. And inevitably, when the exalted robes stretch common sense and logic to play partisan politics, it settles nothing. Instead, it ratchets up the pressure of frustrated citizens and elected representatives. Thus today we read in the Denver Post that Republican House Minority Leader Mike May is calling for a special legislative session to address the issue. As the article points out, it is indeed a longshot that such a session would win the needed two-thirds … [Read more...]

Enough Already

While the Marc Holtzman for governor campaign touts a Denver Post article that says a judge has placed their candidate's name on the ballot, they probably won't bring too much attention to the rest of the story: one-half of Holtzman's legal team confesses the narrow chances of finding enough signatures to qualify his candidacy. Here's the long and the short of it: ...[B]ecause the ballot-certification deadline was Friday, a judge ordered that Holtzman be placed on the ballot in case his appeal is successful. If it's not, the judge said, his votes simply won't be counted. Despite all its bluster, does it sound like the Holtzman campaign is really confident about its chances? Or do you sense more of an air of desperation?: [John] … [Read more...]

Mark Hillman on Education Funding

From Peter Blake's Saturday column in the Rocky Mountain News: Hillman, who served as interim treasurer while incumbent Mike Coffman was in Iraq, is running against Cary Kennedy. She's best known for spearheading the campaign for Amendment 23 in 2000. It substantially boosted state spending on public schools and made sure it couldn't be cut for years. Indeed she likes to make funding for education a major platform in her campaign. In addition to promising fiscal responsibility and effective management of the state's investment portfolio - the usual issues in a treasurer's race - she talks about the importance of not cutting school funding. "People all over the state respond to that," she says. And she likes to point out that she … [Read more...]

Graduation Day

Eight months of high-quality speakers, challenging exercises, and tremendous fellowship culminate today with graduation for the 2006 class of the Leadership Program of the Rockies. Are you interested in becoming a conservative leader with greater insights into the benefits of free market capitalism? I highly recommend you apply for next year's class. You won't regret it. … [Read more...]