Ref C Grows State Government Payroll

Last fall Colorado Democrats supporting Referendum C poo-poohed the notion that they were attempting to grow the size of state government, just restore some pre-recession cuts. Yet as April Washington reports in today's Rocky Mountain News, with Democrats in charge in both houses at the State Capitol, state government payroll has added more than 1,000 jobs since the beginning of 2006. Both Republican candidates for governor have the right idea: hold Ref C supporters to their word and refund any additional revenue raised above the amount forecasted to be raised by the voter-approved mandate. For Marc Holtzman, it's the $3.1 billion figure originally released by the Legislative Council in 2005. For Bob Beauprez, it's the revised $3.7 … [Read more...]

Holtzman-Spradley Win Key Endorsement

They say you can't get them active in politics too young. Little Virtus gives the "thumbs up" (look closely) to Marc Holtzman and Lola Spradley to be Colorado's next governor and lieutenant governor - along with Mom, Dad, and "Winks" the Elephant All in good fun and good spirits. Thanks to Marc and Lola for so graciously taking a minute to pose for the camera with Mrs. Virtus, myself, and our three-month-old gem (the real star of the photo, according to her dad) this morning at the 7th Congressional District Republican Assembly. Only one week 'till the GOP state convention in Colorado Springs! … [Read more...]

GOP Majority Checklist: Cut the Taxes? Check.

It appears the Republican majorities in Congress may have turned the corner and started to figure out what it's going to take to accomplish the people's business in 2006 and earn continued majority status for 2007 and 2008. How are they doing? Win the war? (Ongoing) Confirm the judges? (Making progress ... Sen. Specter, don't let the obstructionists continue to hold up Brett Kavanaugh) Cut the taxes? Check. Control the spending? Not there yet. Secure the border? Not there yet. A few more moves like yesterday's tax-relief bill and the GOP majorities in Congress might just find an enthusiastic base of support out there eager to work for their re-elections. … [Read more...]

Kopel on Immigration

The Independence Institute's Dave Kopel took the major local media to task for their coverage of last week's immigration rallies in his Saturday column for the Rocky Mountain News. In one memorable passage, he specifically criticizes local media for their choice of terminology: Even more deceptive is the media phrase "undocumented worker." The term is inaccurate, because illegal aliens usually do have documents, albeit fraudulent ones. "Undocumented worker" is an euphemism used by those who want to avoid mentioning that the worker in question has entered and remained in the United States unlawfully and has procured a job unlawfully, often via criminally forged documents. If the newspapers are going to continue using "undocumented … [Read more...]

United 93

While living among the mundane trappings of relative peace and calm, days of punctuated horror and profound tragedy often seem dreamlike. Such is 9/11, and such is why every American should strongly consider seeing the movie United 93. Typically, when I watch a new film at the theater or on DVD, I can find some other movie with which to compare it. Be it the acting, the story line, the scenery, distinct or oblique references. United 93, however, is anything but a typical film. For a culture sometimes too fixated on everything from sporting events to celebrity relationships - and various other diversions from reality - United 93 is like a bucket of badly needed cold water. Or like a punch in the gut. That's what I felt for an hour … [Read more...]

A ‘No-mentum’ Race for Governor

Courtesy of Real Clear Politics, the latest Rasmussen numbers in Colorado's race for governor show that none of the 3 candidates has gained any traction in the past month. The narrow teeter-totter between Republican Bob Beauprez and Democrat Bill Ritter has tipped slightly in Beauprez's favor (essentially because Ritter's numbers dropped), but still within the margin of error. Ritter's lead over Holtzman remains steady at 5 points. Here were the rolling averages of head-to-head matchups for March: Bill Ritter (D) 41% Bob Beauprez (R) 40% Bill Ritter (D) 41% Marc Holtzman (R) 36% Rasmussen released the April averages today: Bob Beauprez (R) 39% Bill Ritter (D) 37% Bill Ritter (D) 41% Marc Holtzman (R) 36% Perhaps … [Read more...]

Hope and Encouragement

Here's a must-read article - unlike many of the topics I cover, it's not dependent on the ebb and flow of current events. Still, I encourage you to read it sooner rather than later, as I believe you will find hope and encouragement therein: Dr. Terence Moore of Fort Collins' Ridgeview Classical Academy writes in Touchstone Magazine about America's "Red-State Students" who are seeking a higher education than the Ivy League. For those of us engaged in the current "battles" of politics and public policy, whose passions tend to rise and fall with day-to-day advances and setbacks, it is most encouraging to see a generation of young men and women (like "Promise") emerging with a solid classical foundation and a moral compass. I know young … [Read more...]

Another State House Race for the Dems to Defend

Last week I highlighted the burgeoning campaign of Affie Ellis for State House District 29 in north Jeffco, as she prepares to challenge vulnerable Democrat incumbent Debbie Benefield. Another Republican woman who is changing the dynamics of the fall elections for the state legislature is Aimee Rathburn in Denver's House District 1, a seat being vacated by term-limited Democrat Representative Fran Coleman. While it's hard for the GOP to capture any seat in Denver, HD 1 is easily the best shot. And Rathburn, a candidate with gumption and good ideas, is set to make her mark, as this press release correctly indicates: Aimee Rathburn, the GOP’s House District One candidate, is sending shockwaves through the Colorado political community … [Read more...]

Buckets of Mud … and so early

The Rocky Mountain News sheds light on yesterday's radio ads. According to the report, the ads were produced by "Coloradans for Freedom and Opportunity," or the political henchmen of the pro-tax increase power brokers in the state Republican party. Last year Marc Holtzman challenged their stand on Referendum C, and they throw buckets of mud back - mostly innuendo. I wonder where the preponderance of the GOP's grassroots - who are scheduled to convene in Colorado Springs on May 20 - stood on Ref C. Well, let me tell you: with Holtzman, not with Katy Atkinson and Bruce Benson. I have a hard time explaining the timing of the release of these ads, except that the anti-Holtzman crowd are attempting to curb a defeat at the State Assembly, … [Read more...]

A Campaign of Ideas

Update, 4:53 PM: I just received a recorded phone call from Lola Spradley calling on Republicans to denounce a nasty attack ad the Beauprez campaign apparently has aired against Marc Holtzman on KOA today. I haven't been tuned into KOA today ... anyone who has heard said ad, please comment or send me an email. What timing that I should publish this post this morning! My statement regarding "how few of us there are actually paying attention" may be moot at this point. Leaving aside the nature of the attacks (though judging from recent output, it could be as bad as the recorded message made it sound), does anyone want to offer their insights why Beauprez is pulling out heavy artillery against Holtzman so early ... more than two weeks … [Read more...]