Left-Wing Classroom Rant

Suffering from low blood pressure and need it raised? Want to hear one of the reasons why many people are disenchanted with public schools? There's nothing quite like indoctrinating young minds, whether from willful ignorance or whatever the cause may be. Mike Rosen, the preeminent radio talk show host in the Rocky Mountain West, has recorded classroom footage from Jay Bennish's geography class at Overland High School, featuring an unbalanced rant against President Bush, America, and capitalism. One of Bennish's students made the recording and will appear with his mother on the Mike Rosen Radio Show on 850 KOA tomorrow morning, Wednesday, March 1. I haven't heard if the host was able to get Bennish himself, the Overland principal, or … [Read more...]

Suthers v O’Brien?

Joshua has the scoop on the imminent entry of a new candidate into the Colorado Attorney General's race. Looks like the Dead Guvs may have to add another line -- and, er, maybe the guys at Mile High Delphi can start rolling out the predictions for all the statewide offices up for grabs in November. … [Read more...]

Marc Holtzman Campaign Bash

The Holtzman campaign says to pass the word along about this week's exciting events: Come Party With Us! Join Us As We Celebrate The 46th Birthday Of The Next Governor Of Colorado Marc Holtzman At The Official Marc and Lola 2006 Campaign Kickoff Wednesday, March 1, 2006 5:30 PM VIP Reception West Wing Room 6:00 PM Ballroom Radisson Hotel Denver Southeast 3200 South Parker Road Aurora, Colorado Entertainment: Music and Dancing Provided by: Danny Dale Tony David of "The Glass Menagerie" VIP Reception: $46 General Reception: Complimentary Thursday, March 2, 2006 8:00 AM For Breakfast Rosario's Banquet Room 2930 North Elizabeth Pueblo, Colorado $20 Per Person RSVP to Elizabeth or … [Read more...]

“Deanna Hanna, Shakedownanna…”

I know the story isn't brand new, but I couldn't resist a quick post on this topic before the weekend: the Rocky Mountain News castigates State Senator Deanna Hanna - the most popular Colorado legislator in the "name game" song - today with an implied rhetorical comparison to the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Does the word "shakedown" mean anything? The Democrat from Lakewood is in ethical hot water for basically attempting to extort money from a realtors' group that she felt betrayed her by refusing to fund her 2004 re-election campaign and giving $1,400 to her Republican opponent instead. You have to credit the Democrat majority for at least being willing to open up an ethics panel on one of their own. Mount Virtus will follow this story as it … [Read more...]

GOP Governor Hopefuls Chase “65 Percent Solution”

Both Marc Holtzman [no link yet available on his Web site] and Bob Beauprez are touting their support of the popular "65 percent solution" education initiative. A ceremony was held at the State Capitol today to celebrate the submission of the petition signatures that officially put the measure on Colorado's November ballot. In our separate RMA interviews with the two candidates several months ago, I came away with the convincing impression that Holtzman had a much stronger grasp of the issue than his rival did. I am more confident he could hold up the arguments in a debate with a formidable opponent who may be in the pockets of the education interest groups. Why were the two Republican candidates practically shouldering one another … [Read more...]

Hillary “Unhinged”

Compliments of Michelle Malkin, watch a brief video of Hillary Clinton stirring up fear and paranoia about school vouchers. Then ask yourself two questions: 1. Has giving no-strings money through the GI Bill sent millions of dollars to the creation of white supremacist universities? 2. What makes a K-12 education voucher different from the GI Bill, since both empower people to spend money on the education they see fit? Yup. Hillary is prostituting herself for every ounce of support she can get from the National Education Association. … [Read more...]

Chieftain Slams Down Democrats

The editorial board of the Pueblo Chieftain rips State Senator Peter Groff and his Democratic colleagues for the economic and political travesty that is Senate Bill 66, which would require all businesses with 10 or more employees to offer those employees unpaid leave to attend functions at their children's schools. Key quote: We know of many working parents who have been able to arrange with their employers to get time off to attend important school functions for their children. Employers who value their individual employees often make allowances through scheduling to give workers time to take care of their youngsters’ school affairs. In any event, though, the state should not mandate this arrangement. Giving it the color of law … [Read more...]

Illegal Immigration: The Democrats’ Millstone?

More analysis later, but this story from the Rocky Mountain News speaks for itself: yesterday, statehouse Democrats voted party-line in committee to kill seven bills that tackled the issue of illegal immigration head-on. Examples? - One bill prohibited giving public contracts to businesses that knowingly hire illegals - One bill authorized training of local law enforcement in the recognition and detention of illegals - One bill required employers to learn how to verify worker eligibility and fire those found ineligible It will be important to remember come November which party blocked these and other important immigration reforms at the State Capitol: the Democrats. … [Read more...]

Tuesday Roundup in Colorado

President Bush is in town to speak at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden this morning. In fact, he will be down the street from my workplace. I have to run a work-related errand on my way in - I'll report later if there is anything to be seen. Yesterday Governor Bill Owens made his signature the 100,000th on the petition drive for First Class Education, which would make school districts spend 65 percent of their operating budgets in the classroom. This issue looks to be a big winner, especially for the GOP, and the interest groups (including teacher and administrator unions) are in a tizzy. Finally, in the latest textbook example of why a Democrat statehouse majority is bad for Colorado business, SB066 passed the … [Read more...]

I’m Back

I've had a wonderful, week-long hiatus from blogging. Even as I resume, posts likely will be more sparse for awhile. After all, there's a new Little Virtus who has stolen Daddy's heart and needs more of his time. To get back into the spirit of things, an interesting Monday read comes from across the Pond: William Rees-Mogg of The Times of London writes about the impending downfall of General Motors. (HT: Real Clear Politics) Amazing stuff to contemplate - my family earned its living from GM - including the premiere health benefits that yours truly benefited from - and my dad still draws a pension from them. But globalization moves on to benefit more and more consumers, and GM appears unable to adapt. So be it. The world continues to … [Read more...]