“No-Spy List” Charade

Anyone suffering from a severe case of paranoia and the irrational attraction to political parties, candidates, advocacy groups and blogs that lie and manipulate, sacrifice every shred of honor and decency in the quest for political power, and haven't had a serious thought or policy idea about national security in years, may want to sign up on the new Progress Now "No-Spy List." They can start on the road to recovery by reading this post, while the rest of us will continue to avoid phone calls to and from al-Qaeda agents abroad. But hey, if you think protesting National Security Agency wiretaps of terrorists is a winning issue, who am I to stop your campaign of fear and misinformation? … [Read more...]

Holtzman-Spradley ’06: It’s Official

Last week's rumors were true - the decision was made official this morning: Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman has again bolstered his campaign with the announcement that former Speaker of the House Lola Spradley will be his running mate. Spradley, who has been welcomed to the team with open arms, expressed her support for her new running mate's vision and philosophy. Among other things, she brings the credentials of a highly-respected term of legislative service and a strong base of popularity in the region of Pueblo and southeastern Colorado. There is excitement and enthusiasm among grassroots supporters across the state for Holtzman's decision and for the direction his campaign is headed. Following in the wake of last … [Read more...]

Blogosphere Takes Notice of New Poll Numbers

The new reliable Rasmussen poll on the potential matchups in the upcoming Colorado governor's race has created a stir among the state's Republican insiders. Former University of Denver president Marc Holtzman benefits most from the news: his bona fides as a credible statewide candidate have been established. Not only is the ground game among GOP activists from the Plains to the Front Range to the Western Slope gaining him momentum with the party's base, the new Rasmussen poll affirms his legitimate status as a potential successor to Governor Bill Owens. Michael has some initial RMA analysis of the survey you should check out. As a Holtzman supporter (full disclosure), I'm certainly pleased by the news - which is generating some buzz … [Read more...]

Off to the LPR Retreat

I'm off to the Leadership Program of the Rockies (LPR) Retreat at the Broadmoor this weekend for a fantastic time. If you don't know what I'm talking about or would like to learn more, you can read posts from one of LPR's most enthusiastic alumni here, here, and here. Look forward to a Mount Virtus report from Colorado Springs on sessions and speeches from Ann Coulter, Hugh Hewitt, Kate O'Beirne, Stephen Moore, Mike Rosen, and more. … [Read more...]

Saving money for a rainy day

Kudos to two of the state GOP's rising stars for proposing the most responsible legislation I've seen yet regarding how to handle the influx of Referendum C dollars. Reps. Josh Penry [memo to Lynn Bartels & editors - Penry, not Henry] and Cory Gardner are leading the way with a couple of different plans to create a rainy-day fund to save state money rather than spend it frivolously on new programs. I'm glad to see these two Republican lawmakers out in front on this issue, and hopefully the Democrat-majority legislature can avoid the temptations to empty the pocketbooks and instead follow a sound plan for the future, much like your average Colorado family has to do. Keep an eye on these pieces of legislation: I have a feeling they will be … [Read more...]

Salazar’s “Abomination”

Our junior United States Senator from Colorado, Ken Salazar - have the Left-liberal pressure groups inside the Beltway caused him to forget who he represents, or does he really feel this way? A key Salazar quote from today's Rocky Mountain News: "There are members of the U.S. Supreme Court that I very much disagree with. Clarence Thomas, for example, I think is an abomination when you contrast him to the leadership and principles of someone like Thurgood Marshall. I've been in front of the court and I know the justices." Think for a minute: When was the last time you heard a sitting Republican elected official call Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Stephen Breyer or John Paul Stevens an "abomination"? With rhetoric like that, they would be … [Read more...]

Holtzman/Spradley ’06?

Karen Crummy of The Denver Post reports this morning that the Marc Holtzman campaign is courting former House Speaker Lola Spradley as his gubernatorial running mate. The salient observation from the article is that Spradley does not fit the campaign's recent anti-establishment tone. Republican consultant Katy Atkinson astutely observes that Holtzman "could be trying to balance the ticket." To me it appears that Holtzman may be backing off the strident attack footing that resulted in some bad press last week. Floating Spradley's name as a potential running mate might refocus and stabilize the direction of his unconventional, heavily grassroots campaign. Spradley, who hails from tiny Beulah north of Pueblo, was Colorado's first-ever … [Read more...]

Democrats Heading For Social Issues Trap

All evidence to the contrary, Colorado's Democrat "wine-and-cheese" crowd think they have not only the more fashionable but also the more popular positions on all the so-called social issues. When Republicans make a proposal to allow school districts to teach intelligent design, a collective tsk, tsk arises from the elite quarter. We're reminded of Democrat Speaker Andrew Romanoff's poignant quote from the 2005 legislative session about budgets vs. bestiality, and the sound of snickers can be heard between sips of Merlot. But when Democrats announce a proposal to give marriage benefits to homosexuals, the "wine-and-cheese" crowd fawns in awestruck delight. "Forget the budget, and accountability to the taxpayer, now THIS is a winning … [Read more...]