Unveiling Parents for Truth in Education

Remember Paul Marrick and Wayne Rutt, the Fort Collins parents who were disgusted to see the electioneering the teachers’ union did at the expense of their children and decided to do something about it?

Well, these days they’ve taken their determined efforts even further by launching the organization Parents for Truth in Education to raise awareness and to raise funds for their formal complaint against the teachers’ union. You can also get up to speed concerning the facts and issues by reading their news clippings. Check out their brand-new website.

To top it all off, Wayne and Paul have been given a microphone and a platform to get the message out not only about this particular case but about any future issues that may arise. Tune in on Saturdays from 2 to 4 pm to 1310AM KFKA in Greeley for the debut of “The Truth According to Us.”

And remember, the hearing against the Poudre Education Association is scheduled to take place on May 2. Wayne and Paul have sacrificed a lot to bring their case forward. Of course, the cause is bigger than these two men who are carrying the banner right now. So if you want an educational system that is more accountable, more responsive to parents, more free of politics, and more dedicated to excellent teaching and learning, then do what you can to show your support (contribute, listen, send them some encouragement, spread the word around), and I’m sure Wayne and Paul and many more will be grateful.


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    I thought I had seen and read only one article about this matter in The Coloradoan. Of course, had the cause been pro-union The Coloradoan would have been front and center to promote it.

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