This Might Just Leave You Scratching Your Head

I received the following report concerning the latest meeting of the Denver Metro Young Republicans:

Karen Bauer, one of three people removed from President Bush’s Social Security meeting posed as a Rocky Mountain News journalist while grilling Jay Bob Klinkerman at a regular meeting of the Denver Metro Young Republicans. Klinkerman is chair of the Colorado Young Republicans, a group unaffiliated with the Denver Metro Young Republicans.

Ann Imse, staff writer for the Rocky Mountain News and photographer Evan Semon, escorted Bauer into the meeting.

“They were waiting in the restaurant area until our meeting began. They then joined our meeting in progress in a private room. They declined signing our guest form or to introduce themselves which is standard at our meetings,” said Jude Sandvall, President of the Denver Metro Young Republicans.

It was only discovered after the harsh questioning of Klinkerman that Bauer was not a reporter and that she had shown up with Imse to intentionally confront the Young Republican chair.

“The sad thing is that we have enjoyed a great relationship with the press media in the past. Ann Imse’s behavior is beyond our worst expectations in her attempt at deception. I’m truly disappointed with the Rocky Mountain News,” concluded Sandvall.

The Denver Metro Young Republicans have been meeting at On the Border Cantina for more than 7 years on the 4th Tuesday every month at 6:30pm. They are independent from any State or National Young Republican organization and have been in continuous existence for more than 40 years in the Denver Metropolitan region.

Sorry to see the media has to use fraudulent and paranoid tactics to infiltrate the Young Republicans, the “nerve center” of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

Thanks to Jay Klinkerman, current chair of the Colorado Federation of Young Republicans, for providing the shocking story.


  1. says

    You of course also deplore the fradulent and paranoid tactics used by some representative of the Republican party in tossing folks out of the town hall meeting. Shocking!

  2. Ben says

    As a matter of fact, I do. The individuals responsible in both cases should be held to account for their behavior. You would agree with that, wouldn’t you?

  3. says

    If Karen Bauer mispresented herelf, sure. I find it hard to understand how they thought she was a reporter if she didn’t introduce herself.

  4. Jay Bob Is SO Credible says

    Yeah, Jay Bob is SOOO credible — absolutely the best person to present a fair and balanced viewpoint of what happened. I’m sure he had absolutely no axe to grind after being smoked out of hiding in this Rocky Mountain News article,1299,DRMN_15_3732570,00.html “Jay Bob Klinkerman, leader of the state group for Republicans ages 18 to 40, admitted in an interview that he was at the gate of the Wings over the Rockies Museum when the three people were stopped.” Yeah, he’s part of the crew that even REPUBLICAN Members of Congress said were petty, ridiculous, and completely off-base, and that the Secret Service is criminally investigating. Oh wait, there’s more, “…Klinkerman is the event volunteer who was wearing a magenta shirt and smiley-face tie that night, and told them, ‘Secret Service is coming down to talk to your group.” Maybe instead of spending so much time on blogs trying to get free publicity for his Young Republican meetings, Jay Bob should spend a little more time getting a new wardrobe (magenta? classy, Jay Bob!) and figuring how to quit his pattern of pettiness and false statements.

  5. Chris Lee says

    The fact that citizens are kicked out of tax payer sponsered “events” just because of a bumpersticker and because the citizens don’t have the same viewpoint of the President should make your skin crawl. I look forward for the truth being exposed (although I admit that may not happen with this Administration) so Klinkerman and the rest of you can be held accountable.

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