Making Common Cause Against Teachers Unions?

Is Pete Maysmith, the man that gave us Amendment 27, interested in defending the spirit of the campaign finance laws he masterminded and supported, or will he and his group show themselves to be loyal Democrats? Now that Wayne Rutt and Paul Marrick have appealed the administrative law judge’s decision in their complaint against the Poudre Education Association and Colorado Education Association, will Colorado Common Cause file an amicus brief supporting the complaint? Or will they say it’s okay for Democrats and unions to coordinate on candidate campaigns but not for Republicans and outside groups?

Read Peter Blake’s column today in the Rocky Mountain News. Great stuff for political junkies, and for anyone interested in the rule of law and a fair electoral process.

And if you are inclined to support Rutt and Marrick, or just want to get an update on what’s going on, you can check out the Parents for Truth in Education Web site, as always.

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