The Time for Truth in Education

Looking for a worthwhile cause to support? Know someone who is? Then please read this message from Paul Marrick, co-founder of Parents for Truth in Education:

We’re two parents in the town of Fort Collins, Colorado. Next week we go head-to-head with the teachers unions in court, and we desperately need to get the word out about our cause.

We filed a legal complaint against our local union for violating election law last year. In our first hearing, the union’s motion to dismiss was rejected and we managed to get the statewide Colorado Education Association and the local school district enjoined as co-defendants.

We go to trial next week. Our legal complaint states that the union illegally conducted blatant campaign operations during school hours and using school resources. Teachers even complained – in writing – about the campaign demands on their time.

The local and state teachers unions, working through the schools, used district resources to recruit volunteers, organize meetings, and offer inducements to volunteers on behalf of Bob Bacon’s campaign for State Senate. This was done using school resources during school hours by school employees.

We are seeking injunctive relief, meaning that our suit could re-write election law and force teachers unions to change how they do business in the future. This could be the little lawsuit that significantly alters the balance of power in Colorado politics.

We created Parents for Truth in Education, and we quickly put up a website at so we can accept PayPal contributions. Without significant financial help, we will not be able cover our legal fees. We need money, and we need it immediately.

You can find coverage of our suit here:

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  • Abusing Public Resources, Trampling Teachers’ Rights [ed.- by a talented young writer]
  • Thank you so much for your help, and please contact me directly at (970) 215-6192 if there are any questions I can answer for you.

    The hearing is on Monday, May 16. This is largely a grassroots campaign supporting Parents for Truth against the destructive hypocrisy of the teachers’ union. Please pass on the word and help if you can!

    Thanks to Clay for also sending out the alert.

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