The Scoop on the “Real” Saddam

Quick link blogging this morning: read this AP story from today’s Washington Times – America’s fascination with the details of celebrities’ everyday lives takes another twisted turn as U.S. military personnel who guarded Saddam Hussein in an Iraq prison give GQ the big scoop on his living habits, favorite foods, and various personal opinions.

The AP story gives no hint of the actions that earned Saddam the nickname “Butcher of Baghdad.” How easy to forget….


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    I thought your story was that you were a recently disaffected Republican who found his party has drifted too far to the right.

    How recently disaffected were you? What’s your point in bringing up Reagan?? We were fighting a Cold War at the time….

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    I’m not old enough to have any contemporary recollection of Reagan. Neither, I would venture to guess, are you. I did get sent to the principal’s office for making a Reagan sign and leaving my second grade classroom to march around the polling place in the elementry school though.

    My dissafection is of the mid-90’s vintage.

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    “My dissafection [sic] is of the mid-90’s vintage.” Were you troubled by the rigid fiscal conservatism of the Gingrich Revolution? The Balanced Budget Amendment? Welfare reform?

    Or you liked Republicans until they had legislative power?

    Or you liked Republicans until they started to remake or roll back the New Deal welfare state?

    Or did it start with Bob Dole’s attacks on Hollywood?

    The whole impeachment controversy?

    And you thought the best alternative was the Democratic Party?

    I guess I’m just trying to figure out what your basic political philosophy is.

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    I was troubled by the Republicans forcing the shutdown of the government in the service of an ideological tantrum. And the best alternative (and only alternative) was the Democratic Party, yes. And we see today the end result: the Republican party is so caught up in its ideological fantasy world that its not interested in getting the basic business of government done.

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