The Christian and Michael Schiavo

An important and timely reminder from Adrian Warnock, even as Terri Schiavo rests on the precarious balance between torturous suffering and consummate death: have we been looking at her estranged husband “through cross-centered eyes”? A very convicting thought and one worth reading and spreading abroad. On the one hand, we fight Michael’s agenda with fervent determination; on the other, we pray for his immortal soul.

As I read Adrian’s devotional thought, I also was reminded again of the stark and symbolic likelihood (barring some unforeseen miracle) that Terri will die on Good Friday. Not that we ultimately can compare her suffering to that of Christ’s – how can we even comprehend the metaphysical pain and horror of what it meant for Him “to become sin for us” (II Corinthians 5:21) – but that we can be reminded of our profound dependence on God’s infinite mercy and matchless grace even amidst an atrocious situation that fills many of us with a passionate and righteous anger. Of course, that anger tends to stray into the realms of the unrighteous, too. Hence the well-needed reminder. Thanks, Adrian!


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