RMA Back in the MSM

Devoted fans of Clay Calhoun and View from a Height finally get to see what two of the Denver area’s finest bloggers look like in the flesh (or at least in digital photography), thanks to the Denver Post today with a Jim Hughes article on “Colorado activists” playing a role in the Judge Roberts confirmation hearings.

Here’s one interesting graf in the story:

In addition to NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, the coalition includes the American Association of University Women, the Colorado Education Association teachers group, the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado National Organization for Women. [emphasis mine]

I can’t be the only one bold enough to ask why the state’s largest teachers union (and why call it a “teachers group”?) takes a position either for or against the confirmation of a federal judge. The union’s stance against Judge Roberts may reflect the view of a majority of its members, but most certainly they were not polled to find an answer. Rather, CEA is following in lock-step the orders coming from national headquarters, with its liberal agenda. An interesting story for the Post to do would be to sample CEA members to find out how many favor their union’s stance on the Roberts confirmation – or better yet, to find out how many are even aware of their union’s stance. Such a story would be very telling, indeed.

Meanwhile, Joshua is able to offer up a firsthand refutation of the Post‘s silent bias in the story.

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