Referendum C: A Sinking Ship

Vincent Carroll of the Rocky Mountain News reports that the Referendum C campaign has hired radical activist LeRoy Lemos as a consultant. As Carroll aptly describes him:

Here’s a fellow who can hardly open his mouth without accusing authorities somewhere, anywhere, of bigotry, coverup or some other lurid offense and whose October recreation includes joining the likes of Ward Churchill in suppressing the constitutional rights of those who march in the Columbus Day parade.

I don’t think your average, shrewd, middle-of-the-road tax hike supporter wants Lemos to be the face of his cause. Of course, though, he’s not there to appeal to the independent or moderate voters who the pro-C campaign should be targeting at this point for support. It sure looks like a sign of weakness to me that the tax hikers have hired Lemos as a consultant – they must believe they need to shore up support from the poor minority community and/or the liberal fringe.

The luxury campaign for C & D has struck the proverbial iceberg, and the forward compartments are filling with frigid ocean water. So when do the supporters start scrambling for the lifeboats?



  1. Referendums C and D
    Here’s the link (pdf) to the endorsement of Referendums C and D by the Colorado Water Conservation District.

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