Read About Our Meeting with the Governor

Yesterday afternoon, upon the kind invitation of Sean Duffy, four members of the Rocky Mountain AllianceAmerican Kestrel, View from a Height, Clay Calhoun, and myself – spent more than an hour with Governor Bill Owens in his office discussing key issues facing the state. Needless to say, I want to give that meeting a fair and thorough write-up. Look for that to come over the weekend or early next week.

Thanks again to Governor Owens, Sean, and Mark Salley. I truly appreciated the time and the opportunity.


  1. RMA meets the guv
    The RMA had the distinct honor of being invited to meet with Governor Owens last week. I, alas, was unable to go. Better writers did go, though. Clay, Ben, Richard, and Joshua all made it. Make sure you read up!…

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