Quick Friday Jottings

The Democrat majority in the Colorado legislature revealed their close affinity to the abortion absolutist lobby Thursday. The six Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee killed a bill that would have held medical doctors liable for the abortions of viable human fetuses. It was a moderate measure designed to curb the uncommon but barbaric practice of killing an unborn child that could otherwise survive outside the mother’s womb. But we know where the Democrat legislators stand on this issue, beholden as they are to a certain lobby.

In less startling news, Ward Churchill is now under investigation for artistic copyright fraud. The habits developed in his professional life carry over into his money-making hobbies, as well. Should anyone be surprised?

Switching gears again, I have a theory about the readers of my blog and the upcoming Academy Awards show. So I have decided to try something new and add a poll to the site. I’d appreciate it if you would take a brief moment and answer the one-question survey. You can help either to prove or to debunk my theory.


  1. says

    Ward Churchill is a FRAUD?!?

    Say it ain’t so!

    I suppose next y’all be tellin’ me Bob Flatpants Squarehead (or whatever his name is) is a cartoon.

    Oh, the horrors! The horrors!

    Seriously, now that Ward Churchill is all but hanging by his petards, anyone up for a bit of Western Justice? I gotta a spammer that needs dealing with, and I think with the power and influence of the blogosphere behind me I can lay waste to him once and for all.

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