Poudre: “Be the Change”?

The Poudre School District in Fort Collins, the ninth largest in Colorado with 25,000 students, is seriously considering whether they want to “Be the Change.” Poudre’s search for a new superintendent has narrowed to two candidates – one of them former Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Mike Miles.

Miles is currently the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction in the Fountain-Fort Carson School District.

Anyone who remembers Miles’ ill-fated but impassioned run for high office this past year will remember how he inspired the left-wing base of the Colorado Democratic Party in a fashion akin to Howard Dean. Like Dean, Miles’ campaign crashed and burned in the primary to the anointed candidate and now current U.S. Senator Ken Salazar.

Unlike Dean, there have been no manic screams nor subsequent announced runs for a party chairmanship position. Frankly, Miles’ campaign was not that memorable at all, except for those navy blue yard signs and T-shirts with the grammatically-challenged slogan: “Be The Change.”

Sadly, were Poudre School District to embrace the slogan, it wouldn’t be to implement any meaningful reforms in the areas of school choice or accountability. My challenge to my handful of faithful readers is this: name one policy, activity, or reform you can envision a possible Superintendent Miles bringing to the Poudre School District.


  1. Marya says

    I think he could institute school uniforms in Poudre. They are supposed to help kids focus and reduce discipline problems. Khaki pants or skirt, navy blue t-shirt or sweatshirt with Poudre’s new motto, “Be the change.” As a money saving measure, I’m sure he would donate the hundreds of extra t-shirts that are sitting in his garage.

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