Political Gold

There’s a winning political issue waiting out there for Colorado’s 2006 elections. Supporters of First Class Education have released the results of a nationwide survey by Harris Interactive, Inc., showing broad and deep support for their proposal to increase the percentage of K-12 education dollars spent in the classroom. The “65 percent solution” is headed for the ballot in Colorado in 2006. Candidates running for office might consider the following poll results:

  • 79% of respondents would vote in favor of the “65 percent solution,” including 56% responding “definitely for” and 23% “probably for,” with only 17% against
  • Support cut evenly in a few interesting demographics:

  • Political party (81% for Democrats, 78% for Republicans, 77% for Independents)
  • Political philosophy (80% for both self-avowed conservatives & liberals – the interesting exception were “moderates,” who supported at 65%)
  • Family status (81% for those with children living at home, 79% for empty-nesters, and 77% for non-parents)
  • Significant support was found among the following groups:

  • Women: 82%
  • Americans living in the South: 85%
  • Americans living in the West: 81%
  • Blacks: 96%
  • Hispanics: 89%
  • 74% of those polled & 75% of registered voters “would be more likely to vote for a candidate who supports requirements to spend 65% of public education dollars in the classroom.” 37% would be much more likely to vote for such a candidate. 18% would be less likely, including 6% much less likely. You can bet that those running for office will stand up and take notice.

    The release of this polling data should steal some headlines during American Education Week, which will tie some stomachs in knots at the National Education Association headquarters. The nation’s largest teachers union is opposed to the 65 percent plan.

    Editor’s note: My apologies that the press release is not available to post.

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