Pigs in a Poke

The release of a new report from the Independence Institute (formerly known as Piglet) detailing wasteful government spending, and an emotionally-charged rally at the State Capitol yesterday featuring a large, pink papier-mache pig, have taken the campaign over the forever tax increase to a new level.

Yesterday, pro C & D spokeswoman Katy Atkinson, a self-described “homegrown flack,” made some inappropriate personal attacks against gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman for his televised opposition to the “pork”-laden measures. Atkinson set the model for others who have taken the pig reference personally.

Officials’ scare tactics have frightened people into believing that without C and D, legislators’ hands will be completely tied as they take away vital services from the poor, sick, and elderly. They have also hoodwinked people into accepting that C and D will solve all their problems. Neither is true.

It’s easy to emote compassion and point fingers at the opponents of a tax increase and say that they just don’t care. It’s a lot harder to roll up your sleeves and work to spend the money of the people of Colorado in a way that is fair, efficient, and responsible – making the genuine cases of the sick, poor, and elderly to be real budget priorities and not stage pawns in an effort to make a legislative spending spree easier.

As for the recent tactics of the heavily-subsidized pro C & D spin doctors? They could easily be interpreted as desperation.

Even the Post now reports that people learning the facts are changing their minds in a direction that is upsetting the tax-and-spenders:

Across town, Democratic House Speaker Andrew Romanoff and former Senate President John Andrews, a Republican, debated the measures in front of the Denver Rotary Club.

Steve Mast, a small-business owner, said the debate changed his mind.

“I’m more inclined to say no now,” he said. “Leaves me with concerns with how it’s going to be spent.”

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