Old Media Eyes GOP Grassroots Campaign

Nearly 10 days after a grassroots campaign began, urging former Congressman Bob Schaffer to run for the Colorado Republican Party’s National Committeeman spot, the Denver Post has caught on:

Schaffer has not announced his candidacy for committeeman and refused Monday “to discuss the issue in the press.”

“It’s an internal party matter,” he said.

Conservative backers of the failed 2004 U.S. Senate candidate have launched an intensive e-mail campaign on his behalf.

The cumulative list of those participating in the “intensive e-mail campaign” can be found here, here, and here. Now add the following to the list:

  • Jared Wright, Mesa County GOP Treasurer, Mesa State College GOP Vice President & Student Body President
  • The Executive Committee of the El Paso County Republicans, by official resolution, including:
  • -Terry Kunkel, Chairman
    -George Culpepper, Vice Chairman
    -Lois Landgraf, Secretary
    -Jeff Crank
    -Robert Balink
    -Matthew Werner
    -Colin Mullaney
    -John Newsome
    -Conrad Gutierrez
    -Kent Lambert
    -Paul Lundeen
    -Amy Lathen
    -Amy Stevens
    -Anna Bartha
    -Amy Mullaney
    -Cindy Newsome
    -Sam Schafer
    -Mary Ann Tebedo
    -Allisa Bohall
    -Linda Carroll
    -Sharon Adams

    Four days until the State Central Committee meeting, and still no official announcement from Bob Schaffer. If you have yet to add your voices to those urging him to run, drop him an e-mail at Schaffer.Bob@gmail.com.

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