“Not One Dime”: The Cyber-Echo

Captain Ed has spoken loud and clear about the Republican Party, its not-so-distinguished Senators, and the case of judicial nominations. Here’s a snippet:

Not. One. Dime. And when a vote does come, those Republicans who wind up supporting the minority’s extortion over the majority in defiance of the Constitution will never see another dime from me — but their opponents will, at every level of contest. Honestly, with Republicans like these in the Senate, we may as well have Democrats.

Even before I read Captain Ed’s post, I had already taken a very solemn “Not One Dime” vow. In fact, this week I mailed back a solicitation to renew my Republican National Committee membership with a big ZERO next to the contribution amount and a concise but pointed note to Ken Mehlman indicating that no Republican candidate or organization is going to get any of my hard-earned money until they follow up on their campaign promises and make use of the majority in which we have work so hard to help elect them to serve.

Those of us who have faithfully supported the Republican Party, like Mike and Clay and myself (not to mention eminent center-right Republican icons like Hugh Hewitt and Bob Schaffer), are strongly urging Senate Republicans to break the judicial filibuster. Many of us have also expressed our profound disgust at the lack of leadership on this issue.

Say it with me: “Not One Dime!”

Join the rising chorus of voices, led by Hugh and Captain Ed and others: “Not… One… Dime!!!”

Shout it loud, and shout it proud: “NOT ONE DIME!!!!”

Now go tell the Senate leadership to break the filibuster.

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