Hurrah for CHRISTMAS

During this past week, I renewed my determination to make a conscious effort this yuletide season to keep Christ & Christmas as prominent as possible. I don’t want to get caught in the trap of the bland, insipid, politically correct “Happy Holidays” & “Seasons Greetings”. Won’t you of like faith join me in the simple task of wishing store clerks, wait staff, and other strangers you meet a clear, kind, and bold “Merry Christmas”?

Along these lines, I spotted a couple stories this morning that I wanted to share. Apparently, government agencies are starting to get it better than many of the corporate retailers who profit so handsomely this time of year? Three cheers to the Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert – for whom there has been little to applaud lately (except, of course, the shrewd move to bring up the resolution on immediate withdrawal from Iraq) – who has insisted that the lighted tree on the Capitol Lawn once again be called the Capitol Christmas Tree. Meanwhile, a conservative activist group is stepping up its efforts to condemn weak-kneed retailers like Target, Office Max, Kroger, Sears, and Lowe’s for stripping the word “Christmas” from their sales & other store promotions.

If we want to restore Christ to the place of preeminence in Christmas, and Christmas to its rightful place as an important holiday, the effort begins at home. Let’s all do our part!

Update: Some excellent thoughts on Christmas from a couple friends of mine in the Rocky Mountain Alliance that I somehow missed earlier – Jared meditates on Advent, & the impending celebration of Christ’s earthly Incarnation evoke thoughts from Guy on Christ’s imminent return.

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