Gubernatorial Candidate Unveils Blog

Marc Holtzman, Republican candidate for Colorado governor and ready to hit the road on a statewide tour, has unveiled his new blog:

With the 2006 gubernatorial race beginning to take shape, I am excited to bring my campaign into the blogosphere. Bloggers are today’s Minutemen, the often-time heroes who repeatedly astound us with their ability to expose Big Media’s attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of everyday citizens.

Just what you might expect to see from Colorado’s former Secretary of Technology. This is a tremendous development in state politics and may begin to redefine how campaigns are run for the next generation or so.

Of course, you should also stop by his campaign Web site. Holtzman’s attention to detail, his thoughtful platform, his outspoken stance against Referendum C and D, and his keen understanding of new media should make him a formidable opponent for Congressman Bob Beauprez, who many consider the current frontrunner in the Republican primary. (For the record, I am a partisan Republican but have yet to throw my support behind either candidate at this point.)

Anyone with an interest in Colorado politics and public affairs should bookmark Holtzman’s blog and stay tuned.

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