Democratic Senators: No Abuse at Gitmo

From this morning’s Washington Timesisn’t it better to get a little more of the story before jumping to conclusions, and even worse – hurling outrageous and absurd invectives at our own military personnel? Perhaps Dick Durbin needs to follow the lead of his Democratic Senate colleagues Ron Wyden (OR) and Ben Nelson (NE) in taking the grand Gitmo tour.

Guy had a great post yesterday, linking to this informative report on who is giving out the most abuse at our Guantanamo Bay detention facilities.

Hit a Kool Aid-drinking Leftie on the knee with a solitary report of alleged prisoner mistreatment, and watch the reflexive kick of giddy anti-Americanism. Folks, there are a few people out there who want to believe that our servicemen and women are as bad as Hitler’s SS. They were shaking and foaming at the mouth with uncontrollable glee when they heard the report that Durbin quoted from on the Senate floor. Sadly, even if they hear about Wyden’s and Nelson’s observations as reported in today’s Times, they either will see some grand, dark, Rumsfeld-coordinated cover-up OR will brand a pair of Democratic Senators as sellouts to their venomous anti-Bush crusade.

I know some of you out there disagree with my views on the war against terror and the war in Iraq. But until we can see the facts clearly, there can be no legitimate debate.

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