Democrat Priorities: Unions over Taxpayers

Even the Denver Post had to chide Colorado’s Democrat legislators this time. A pointed editorial in today’s Post calls on the House Transportation Committee to kill Senate Bill 61, which has already passed the Senate floor. Regrettably, Republican Senator Norma Anderson abandoned the party’s principles to join the unanimous Democrat caucus and give SB61 a 19-16 victory on Feb. 14.

The main problem with the bill, as the editorial indicates, is its proposed reduction of private contracting services in the Regional Transportation District (RTD). The result is $143.5 million more in taxpayer costs over the next 12 years to maintain existing services. Rather than searching for ways to provide services at more efficient costs, the Democrats at the State Capitol are paying favors to the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU).

SB61 is just another example of how the Democrats, beholden to special interest union groups, have little or no regard for using your tax dollars wisely. Kudos to the Post for advocating a stop to this wasteful measure.

But let me go a step further. We are supposed to believe that a Democrat party pushing forward legislation like SB61 has the solution to Colorado’s budget problems? One thing is clear: if there is to be a solution from the Democrats, rest assured it involves raising YOUR taxes.

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