C and D: A False Step and the “Great March South”

Could supporters of Referenda C and D be so desperate as to try to exploit the hurricane tragedy to sell their forever tax increase? So then, creating a parody Web site that compared sound arguments against the tax increase with calls to deny aid to Katrina victims seemed like a good attempt at political discourse?

The perpetrator of the now-defunct tasteless screed is, according to the Denver Post, a Web developer for and devotee of the Rocky Mountain Progressive Network, Colorado’s congregation of left-leaning political activists. At least someone in the group deserves commendation for pulling the plug on the phony Web site.

Meanwhile, supporters of the tax increase have undertaken the less controversial but much more symbolic “Great March South,” moving along the Front Range from Wyoming to New Mexico a few manageable miles at a time with their snack-laden RV in tow. If you’re going to go down, you might as well go down in style.


  1. says

    ha, hey I heard your commercial yesterday “woops there goes another one”. No offense, but the musical part of that commercial needs work. Very cheesy. It gets the point across, but he jingle gets in the way.

  2. Mitch Willmon says

    After Tom Tancredo voted against the Katrina aid bill, wasn’t this guy more or less vindicated?

    Silly Republicans…


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