Beauprez Racking Up Endorsements

In his bid to be Colorado’s Republican candidate for governor in 2006, second-term Congressman Bob Beauprez is garnering some early key endorsements, just as the Marc Holtzman campaign has been picking up momentum.

Former Congressman Bob Schaffer, who now holds the official GOP position of Colorado’s National Committeeman, has given Beauprez a big boost with his thumbs-up, one that should resonate with the party’s hard-core conservative voters. I’m not sure that in the midst of the Referendum C/D battle that the Governor Owens endorsement is that helpful with most voters who will participate in next year’s Republican primary. Then again, how many are even paying attention at this point? Some might interpret the Governor’s move as taking Holtzman, a personal friend and former cabinet appointee of his, to task for privately chastising his support of Ref. C, “the forever tax increase.”

But surely Beauprez needs the big-name endorsements at this point to offset the pending announcement that the Holtzman campaign has the early fundraising advantage. Or will the 7th District Congressman be irrevocably branded as the “Establishment” candidate?

All the GOP “Establishment” heft is there: Add Schaffer and Owens to a list of big-name Beauprez supporters that includes State Treasurer Mike Coffman and U.S. Representatives Marilyn Musgrave and Joel Hefley.

It’s sure shaping up to be an interesting gubernatorial primary, but will they wear out the voters too early?


  1. BJ says

    More interesting is who ISN’T endorsing Beauprez. Folks who don’t need the good will of Benson or the Gov… that’s who.

  2. says

    Beauprez is also against C&D, so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. I think what you are seeing are folks rallying around the candidate they think can win the General.

    I am sure that Holtzman will raise a ton of money, given his connections he should. But that alone doesn’t make a winning campaign (but it does help).

  3. Ben says

    Jake, you’re right. Beauprez has recently come out strong against C & D, so that likely isn’t much of a factor. Still, like many Colorado Republicans, my confidence in Owens is pretty small these days. To see Schaffer and others rally around Beauprez says more to me.

  4. Jake says

    I find the whole attack on Owens thing interesting from the right. This is the same guy that still pols with approval ratings in the 60s across the state.

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