An Insecure Agenda

The homosexual advocacy group Equality Forum is organizing a celebration event at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on the 4th of July that will include commemorations of “gay icons in U.S. history,” a recent news report says.

Among the “outed” figures? You guessed it… Abraham Lincoln.

“[Former N.J.] Governor [James] McGreavey showed mainstream Americans that homophobia has kept those who seek elected office in the closet,” said Malcolm Lazin, executive director of Equality Forum. “These public officials include Abraham Lincoln, who saved the nation, emancipated slaves and founded the modern Republican Party.”

Lazin said he has read The Intimate Life of Abraham Lincoln. “As a gay man and an amateur American historian, I find the evidence indisputable that the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, was a gay man,” he said.

“Anyone not blinded by homophobia will recognize that the president who preserved our republic was gay. It is time that U.S. historical figures be emancipated from the closet,” Lazin added.

Ah, the lofty credentials of Malcolm Lazin, the amateur historian, telling us that all the professional historians who have debunked C.A. Tripp’s shoddy, agenda-driven The Intimate Life of Abraham Lincoln – not to mention the thorough, knowledegeable and reasoned critique from Tripp’s former colleague Philip Nobile – are plagued by homophobia. Welcome to the vast right-wing conspiracy, academia.

Are radical pro-homosexual advocacy groups so insecure about the depraved lifestyle they flaunt that they have to enlist great American historical figures as closet homosexuals on the most dubious, flimsy, and phony of evidence? The answer seems to be ‘yes.’

Right now, I’m probably feeding their insecurity by bringing more attention to the Equality Forum event than it deserves. If I weren’t worried that politically-correct American educational bureaucrats might some day soon decide to include Tripp’s debunked Lincoln thesis in a fourth-grade history curriculum, I’d probably just yawn in pity.

To the radical activists: go on with your agenda, if you must. You are free to do so. But stop lying and distorting history in the process. How about an honest discussion?

Call me ‘homophobic’ and play the ad hominem game all you want, there is NO serious evidence that our 16th president was gay. The more you try to press the point, the sillier you look.

Erratum: The correct title of Tripp’s book is The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln, not The Intimate Life of Abraham Lincoln. The title of the book was incorrectly cited in the CNS News article above, and I didn’t catch the fact until later.


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    I’ve been noting this particular antic for the past several years and have drawn a conclusion from it: According to this particular school of thought a person of merit and value such as President Lincoln, DaVinci, Michaelangelo, etc. were great and historic not because of what they did but because of what they supposedly were: Gay.

    The subtext of this assertion, then: If you are not, if you were not a sexual deviant you are not, were not exceptional.

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