An Excellent Question

Colorado’s eminent leaders of the political Left, the gurus who give us the acerbic wit of ProgressNow, apparently have reached a moment of metaphysical crisis. Below I’ve pasted an email they are sending out to all their subscribers (my emphases in italics – I have underlined the repeated question of the hour):



Whether you consider yourself a liberal, progressive, populist, moderate, or just part of “the Left,” we need to answer a fundamental question.

Some are talking about how we can “frame” our issues better. Others are arguing over a list of common values or positions. But it’s really the same conversation — What do we stand for?

It seems we agree on much of what we are against. Yet if we define ourselves in opposition to our opponents we will never set the agenda.

I’ve struggled with my board and staff to answer this question. The truth is, we cannot answer it for you. We don’t exist to be your voice, we exist to help your voice be heard.

So we put this question to you:
What do we stand for?

And one more thing: please share your thoughts in less than 200 words. To succeed, we need to be able to answer such a question during an elevator ride.

We’ll share responses for your comments at

Please share with others across the country who may wish to take part.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.


Michael Huttner
Executive Director

Having come to the realization that hating George Bush, Bill Owens, Tom Tancredo, John Andrews, and other conservatives is not an agenda, the ProgressNow cadre needs your help in telling them what they should believe. Why not give them an idea or two? Just remember – keep it to 200 words or less.

Update: Joshua has come up with an excellent list. Let’s keep it going!


  1. says

    What exactly do conservatives stand for?

    Limited government?
    Balanced budgets?
    Civil liberty?

    It’s easier to poke fun than shore up the shaky foundations of the right. I understand. But please, don’t bother re-evaluating the lopsided pillars propping up whats left of the Republican Party. Those of us to your left will be happy to pick up the pieces.

  2. says

    Wow, Curious must be from Boulder. It is interesting, if infrequent, when liberals are honest. They are against alot of things, hate Bush, hate traditional Christian values, but must put out a poll to try and figure out what they stand for. Very interesting.

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