Abortionist Illogic

You can learn a lot from someone’s response. Take this for example… abortionist William Hern of Boulder is aghast that the mortuary he had contracted with to receive “fetal remains” had in turn been taking those remains to the Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church. In unveiling its “Memorial Wall for the Unborn,” the parish recently announced that it had been receiving and burying the murdered babies since 2001.

Hern alleges that Crist Mortuary violated a written contract, but Hern has also “declined to provide a copy of the contract.”

I think the story is best summed up by a quote in the Denver Post story from archdiocese spokesman Sergio Gutierrez:

“It’s puzzling, the confused messages being sent out. If they’re not unborn children, why are they concerned about this at all? And if they are unborn children, wouldn’t this be an appropriate way to behave? They can’t have it both ways. What’s appalling is the commerce Dr. Hern is generating from this practice.”

Advances in science in recent years have pushed the abortion-rights lobby back on their heels, as we learn more and more about prenatal development. With spokespersons like Dr. Hern, the abortion absolutists’ internal logic is resting on the same shaky foundations as their understanding of science.

Along with the Catholic archdiocese, fellow RMA member Jared has been one of the most eloquent and impassioned pro-life voices out there in the Denver-area community. I am interested to see what sort of comment he may have.


  1. says

    What equally outrages me is the Mainstream News Media’s defense of Hern’s practice. Channel 9 News, for example, through one of their many snarky and cosmetically-troweled journalists, referred to those who attended the prayer on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade as ‘anti-abortion’ instead of ‘pro-life’.

    Their deliberate and willful bias goes to prove, again, their disrespect and absolute hatred of human life.

  2. says

    Even scientists agree that the embryo is human. Therefore, the justification for abortion is based upon the assumption that a class of humans are of less value than others.

    Ethically, what makes it wrong to murder a human is that inherent God-given sacredness of human life.

  3. JDBurich says

    I sometimes wonder if these pro-abortion persons ever think about how they got into the world! JDB

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