Holtzman v Beauprez: Your One-Stop Online Shop

For any political junkies out there, especially those out there following developments and emerging opinions in Colorado for 2006, please visit and bookmark the new Holtzman v Beauprez site, a collaborative project of the Rocky Mountain Alliance. Its focus will be on issues directly and indirectly related to the 2006 Colorado gubernatorial campaign. Joshua has kicked things off well - look for more posts from myself and others in coming days. … [Read more...]

Governor’s Race Chatter and the RMA

Who knew our meeting with Marc Holtzman would create such a stir among political insiders? First, the honest observations of Mike, Joshua, and myself get quoted in the latest release from the Holtzman campaign. Then the Dead Governors feature us as the leading topic of weekend chatter. (I haven't always seen eye to eye with the anonymous, center-left proprietors of ColoradoPols, but I am grateful to them for providing a link to my site.) As for my comments? They're all real, folks. Take them for what they're worth. No detriment to Congressman Beauprez, just my genuinely positive impressions of his opponent's campaign. The three of us who met with Holtzman don't speak for the entire Rocky Mountain Alliance, but we represent a … [Read more...]

Meeting with Marc Holtzman

Mike has already given a thoughtful description of our meeting yesterday with Republican gubernatorial hopeful Marc Holtzman. (I'm sure Joshua has one forthcoming as well.) Holtzman and his campaign adviser Laura Teal graciously gave us more than an hour of their time and of the candidate's vision, passion, and optimism. The former president of the University of Denver & state technology secretary talked with facility and command about how to solve the budget's structural problems in creative and courageous ways. He shared his plan for strengthening the state's Republican Party structure. He has concrete ideas to address the current and looming issues of illegal immigration, eminent domain abuse, energy dependence, and public health … [Read more...]

Right On Point

Quote of the day from Vincent Carroll of the Rocky Mountain News (notably, a supporter of Referendum C): If Gov. Owens had devoted even half as much time trying to defeat Amendment 23 five years ago as he spent boosting Ref C, Colorado today would not be saddled (that word again) with a requirement that K-12 education funding never, ever share in the sacrifice required by falling government revenues during a severe recession. In light of Carroll's observation regarding the governor, what takes precedence: conservative credentials or popular appeal? Draw your own conclusions. … [Read more...]

There’s Never Enough Tax Increase

Buried in this Denver Post article about post-election recriminations is a salient example of what the big vote meant to the tax-and-spenders: Advocates for public education blamed the loss of Referendum D on the failure to set aside enough money for public schools. Lisa Weil, co-founder of Great Education Colorado, said Referendum D would have had a better chance of winning voter approval if schools, and not roads, received more money. Referendum D called for using $1.2 billion of the borrowed money on 55 road projects around the state. "Transportation is not the highest priority of Coloradans right now," Weil said, touting her organization's polling results that said voters would have been more supportive of letting the … [Read more...]

C & D: Election Day Roundup

With a substantial chunk of Coloradans' ballots already mailed in, the "forever tax increase" comes down to the day of decision. As the campaigns race to the finish line, a last minute flurry of Internet tidbits: The Dead Governors float the rumor that the Yes on C & D campaign is preparing for failure. The operators of Mile High Delphi made their final prediction yesterday: "Too Close to Call" with a tiny edge to the No on C crew. The Delphi's prognostication might be adjusted with news reported by the Denver Post: different opponents of the tax increase have raised a cumulative total of $1 million in the last two weeks. One of those opponents, the Colorado Club for Growth, has released a response ad to Mayor Hickenlooper's skydive … [Read more...]