Statehouse Dems Want MORE Tax Dollars

Reading this story in today's Rocky Mountain News, I'm reminded that I wasn't the only one who sat and suffered all day through yesterday's School Finance Interim Committee meeting at the State Capitol. Weeks before, the Interim Committee (under the direction of State Senator Sue Windels, D - Arvada) charged a task force of school officials, school finance experts, and a variety of interest group representatives to come up with a report making recommendations for a new way to fund K-12 public education in Colorado. The Task Force has sat through the series of meetings, as have I, listening to a variety of presentations, the details of which I will not bore you with. But today's story in the Rocky reflects the problem with the … [Read more...]

RMA Back in the MSM

Devoted fans of Clay Calhoun and View from a Height finally get to see what two of the Denver area's finest bloggers look like in the flesh (or at least in digital photography), thanks to the Denver Post today with a Jim Hughes article on "Colorado activists" playing a role in the Judge Roberts confirmation hearings. Here's one interesting graf in the story: In addition to NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, the coalition includes the American Association of University Women, the Colorado Education Association teachers group, the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado National Organization for Women. [emphasis mine] I can't be the only one bold enough to ask why the state's largest teachers union (and why … [Read more...]

Sitting Down with Beauprez

As Joshua Sharf has already ably recounted, he and I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Rep. Bob Beauprez last Friday. The Republican gubernatorial candidate graciously shared an hour of his time with us and addressed our questions with candor and confidence. Rather than rehash Joshua's assessments (too much), I'll supplement his remarks with some of my own. Beauprez confidently asserted his conservative bona fides to strengthen his case for why he deserves the Republican nomination: his executive experience, his Washington connections, his traditional Colorado values. I believe the candidate's assessment is correct that "the governor's race is ground zero" for reestablishing Republican leadership in other areas of Colorado … [Read more...]

C and D: A False Step and the “Great March South”

Could supporters of Referenda C and D be so desperate as to try to exploit the hurricane tragedy to sell their forever tax increase? So then, creating a parody Web site that compared sound arguments against the tax increase with calls to deny aid to Katrina victims seemed like a good attempt at political discourse? The perpetrator of the now-defunct tasteless screed is, according to the Denver Post, a Web developer for and devotee of the Rocky Mountain Progressive Network, Colorado's congregation of left-leaning political activists. At least someone in the group deserves commendation for pulling the plug on the phony Web site. Meanwhile, supporters of the tax increase have undertaken the less controversial but much more symbolic … [Read more...]

Making Common Cause Against Teachers Unions?

Is Pete Maysmith, the man that gave us Amendment 27, interested in defending the spirit of the campaign finance laws he masterminded and supported, or will he and his group show themselves to be loyal Democrats? Now that Wayne Rutt and Paul Marrick have appealed the administrative law judge's decision in their complaint against the Poudre Education Association and Colorado Education Association, will Colorado Common Cause file an amicus brief supporting the complaint? Or will they say it's okay for Democrats and unions to coordinate on candidate campaigns but not for Republicans and outside groups? Read Peter Blake's column today in the Rocky Mountain News. Great stuff for political junkies, and for anyone interested in the rule of law … [Read more...]

Spot-on Analysis of Government Response to Katrina

In case you missed this, here is a must-read: a Wall Street Journal editorial titled "Blame Amid the Tragedy" by Evergreen Freedom Foundation president Bob Williams. Here's a key section: The primary responsibility for dealing with emergencies does not belong to the federal government. It belongs to local and state officials who are charged by law with the management of the crucial first response to disasters. First response should be carried out by local and state emergency personnel under the supervision of the state governor and his/her emergency operations center. The actions and inactions of Gov. Blanco and Mayor Nagin are a national disgrace due to their failure to implement the previously established evacuation plans of the … [Read more...]

You Can Donate to Operation Renewed Hope Online

An update on your opportunity to donate to Operation Renewed Hope. An active online donation link is up that you can access. Click the "Donate Now" button, and you can submit your donation with the requested information. Be sure to put "Hurricane Katrina Relief" in the "Designation (Optional)" blank. More on Operation Renewed Hope can be found on its main Web site and at this SharperIron post by Greg Linscott. Whatever organization you choose to contribute to, please be sure that it is legitimate, credible, and does good work. Some examples include the American Red Cross and Feed the Children. And check out Rossputin's challenge to match some donations - you might want to take him up on it. … [Read more...]

It’s Just “An Investment in the State”

The Tax Increase Crew has begun ratcheting up their campaign with guilt and scare tactics to kick off the Labor Day weekend. As reported by the Rocky Mountain News, the state announces that it has an overrun of revenues under the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (TABOR), albeit a smaller amount than projected a few months ago. "This is evidence that the economy is improving, but we still have less revenues than we did in 2001," said Henry Sobanet, director of Colorado's Office of State Planning and Budget. Next year, taxpayers will receive $15 each in TABOR refunds, an amount that figures to rise in successive years. Or you can vote for Referendum C and give more money for the next 5 years - and beyond - to state government. Go back and … [Read more...]

Donate to Hurricane Relief: Operation Renewed Hope

Are you a Christian and still looking to donate to a good organization that is working with the relief efforts in the Gulf Coast region? Try Operation Renewed Hope. Why Operation Renewed Hope? Here are some reasons: ORH has conducted remote jungle medical clinics since 1993, helping thousands who have very limited, or no access to medical care. We are one of the few agencies who work in these remote locations. Due to our very low budgets and tremendous efficiency, we can remain in areas of need for long periods of time when other, higher budget agencies have pulled out. ORH does not use project donations for salaries, office expenses or overhead costs. Each individual working with the organization raises his own salary money and … [Read more...]