Detroit Baseball: A New Hope

As Major League Baseball's 76th All-Star Game makes its appearance at Detroit's Comerica Park tomorrow evening, the spotlight turns on a city still haunted by the echoes of urban decay. Motown's battle for a fairer perception opens a new chapter. For many old enough to remember it, the words "Detroit" and "baseball" together conjure up a glorious 1984 World Series victory overshadowed by deplorable behavior - vandalism, fires, destruction. How far has Detroit come since then? Progress has been made, for sure, but not a lot. Michigan's largest city, the once-thriving world capital of automotive production, has a lot to prove. The Tigers, the wearers of the proud Olde English D, have a lot to prove as well. No World Series since 1984. No … [Read more...]

A game of ‘one-upmanship’

First, read my post from yesterday. Then, read this story in today's Rocky Mountain News. Marc Holtzman and Bob Beauprez are going back and forth in an attempt to outdo each other in the early stages of the campaign for the Colorado Republican gubernatorial primary. No, I had no sources feeding me information. No, I'm not ghostwriting for Lynn Bartels. You come here for intriguing insights on Colorado politics, right? … [Read more...]

Beauprez Racking Up Endorsements

In his bid to be Colorado's Republican candidate for governor in 2006, second-term Congressman Bob Beauprez is garnering some early key endorsements, just as the Marc Holtzman campaign has been picking up momentum. Former Congressman Bob Schaffer, who now holds the official GOP position of Colorado's National Committeeman, has given Beauprez a big boost with his thumbs-up, one that should resonate with the party's hard-core conservative voters. I'm not sure that in the midst of the Referendum C/D battle that the Governor Owens endorsement is that helpful with most voters who will participate in next year's Republican primary. Then again, how many are even paying attention at this point? Some might interpret the Governor's move as taking … [Read more...]

Jolly Good Show

In a startling development that may have had something to do with one malodorous world leader's derogatory comments about a neighboring country's cuisine, London edges out Paris for the 2012 Summer Olympics bid, in spite of a failed grassroots protest. Joyful Brits take to Trafalgar Square to celebrate the city's first Olympic Games since 1948. How 'bout some fish'n'chips and a toast to Mr. Chirac? … [Read more...]

Happy 229th Birthday, USA

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...." HAPPY 229TH BIRTHDAY, USA! May you all safely enjoy your Independence Day weekend celebrations with friends and family! … [Read more...]

Time to Gear up for Battle

Batten down the hatches... prepare for an all-out pitch political battle in the U.S. Senate. The Left is going to bring forward the, NARAL, and PFAW artillery, barrels fully loaded. Sandra Day O'Connor steps down from the Supreme Court. Hugh graciously eulogizes her 24-year term of service. Orin Kerr at the Volokh Conspiracy shares 8 intriguing first reactions, including this amusing tidbit: Even if Justice O'Connor is gone, we may still hear her name in 1 First Street when lawyers accidentally call Justice Ginsburg "Justice O'Connor." ConfirmThem speculates that Emilio Garza will be the replacement. The Supreme Court Nomination Blog has profiles on some other potential replacements. The gang at the Corner is all over … [Read more...]