Sorry, Governor

I've been loath to comment on the intraparty Republican squabble brewing over Governor Bill Owens' compromise budget agreement with the Democrats. But things are heating up, reports the Rocky Mountain News today. Apparently the governor is unhappy with the House Minority Leader's public opposition: "When the next volume of Profiles in Courage is written, there won't be a chapter about Joe Stengel," Owens said. "I was amazed. He knew exactly what was in it. There were no surprises." Sorry, governor. I have to state my firm conviction that what you are doing is neither fiscally nor politically sound. I say that as a conservative and as a Republican, respectively. The former tells me that approving this deal means $1,500 more in … [Read more...]


Thinking about a poignant, powerful, complex case that has engaged and deeply moved so many Americans, some words of reflection. I do not want to believe in America in 2005 that: A man could express so little interest in his legally-recognized wife except to ensure that she's dead. A judge could stubbornly cling to the claims that a woman wants to die based on the flimsiest of evidence. People could be arrested for bringing an innocent, helpless, dying woman water to drink. The media would be arrayed against those who urge caution in "erring on the side of life," distorting facts at every turn. That an innocent brain-damaged woman has less standing before a federal court than a convicted murder with a death sentence or an … [Read more...]

Keep Reading, Keep Praying

Due to time constraints, I'm just going to post a few links on Terri Schiavo, must reads for this morning: Blogs for Terri has all the updates on the case and a list of Florida state senators you can contact to make the last-minute plea. Now that the Appeals Court has rejected the Schindlers plea under the clear directives of Congress, Hugh muses if Judge Kennedy will cite the Groningen Protocol as precedent in a potential US Supreme Court decision. Ray, the Informed Christian, reminds us that regardless of the outcome for Terri, we need to take to heart one of the key lessons already learned: get the courts under control! Finally, Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost prompts social conservatives to take a more somber, … [Read more...]

Maybe He’s Serious

Denver's mainstream media has begun to take serious notice of Hugh Hewitt's desire to become the next president of CU: Hewitt says CU needs a president who can do a good PR job for the school. "I've been a professor for 10 years at Chapman University Law School so I know about faculties, but I think the most important thing is that you listen to the public," Hewitt said. "You be aware of what they expect out of the university and you communicate that to the people who make up the faculty and you take care of the students." The endorsement of the Rocky Mountain Alliance, though currently delayed, is soon forthcoming. Maybe we'll have to consider just how serious The Chancellor of the Collegiate Peaks is about seeking this job. … [Read more...]

Still Speaking Up for Terri

I have nothing more directly to say to the critic. Every credible source that challenges his sweeping assertions is, according to him, a "quack" or a liar or showboating. But the hallowed judge in black robes can do no wrong. But I will continue to shine some light on testimonies like this one, from the general counsel for the Counsel on Bioethics O. Carter Snead, thanks to K-Lo at The Corner. Or the sworn affidavit of nurse Carla Iyer, who worked with Terri for 16 months and swore under oath that she was not at all in a vegetative state and that her husband's consistent demeanor and actions did not reflect those of a concerned caregiver. Questions to consider: Just maybe is this woman telling the truth? If this woman has … [Read more...]

Response to a Critic

I've had a brief e-mail conversation regarding the Terri Schiavo case with a fellow Colorado blogger - who happens to hail from a different part of the country and have a different worldview than I. That's fine. On one of his latest e-mails he invited me to share my public comment. To do so, I am reprinting his words in italics and my response in normal font. One note to share... the "other cases" he refers to can be found here and here. Judge for yourself if they are comparable to Terri's case - the problem hinges on my critic's suggestion that Terri's nourishment constitutes life support in the same way a ventilator keeps a terminally ill patient alive. I'm sure I won't be able to answer all his objections to his satisfaction, for … [Read more...]

Misleading Poll Continues to Obscure the Reality of Terri’s Case

A shocking ABCNews poll says that 63 percent of Americans favor the forced starvation of Terri Schiavo. But should we be surprised when the exact wording of the first two poll questions reads as follows: 1. How closely have you been following the case of Terri Schiavo, the woman at the center of a life-support controversy in Florida? Have you been following this issue very closely, somewhat closely, not so closely or not closely at all? 2. Schiavo suffered brain damage and has been on life support for 15 years. Doctors say she has no consciousness and her condition is irreversible. Her husband and her parents disagree about whether she would have wanted to be kept alive. Florida courts have sided with the husband and her feeding … [Read more...]

Congress Gives Terri and Her Family Hope

A hearty congratulations must be made to the leadership of the United States Congress for hearkening to their constituents' pleas for life and justice: the House and Senate have both delayed their scheduled recesses to pass compromise legislation that will stop the starvation of Terri Schiavo and give her recourse to her constitutional rights. Congressman Bob Beauprez announced the development this during his brief speech at today's State Central Committee Meeting, evoking a grand expression of support from most of the audience members. Only moments before, Congressman Tom Tancredo spoke eloquently in defense of Terri, making some important points: At the least, the assertion that Terri is in a persistent vegetative state (PVS) is … [Read more...]

Schaffer Assumes Leadership Mantle

I've just returned from the Colorado Republican State Central Committee Meeting outside of Denver. For some of the nitty-gritty details, read up on Clay's live-blogging Blackberry account. Most significant to report is that Bob Schaffer won the role of National Committeeman, culminating a sweeping grassroots campaign that started two weeks ago. The vote was closer than many anticipated (59 to 41 percent), proof that negative campaigning does work to some extent. I was disappointed to see the opponents' use of half-truths and over-the-top rhetoric to try to tear down Bob. I just hope now they heed their own impassioned cries for party loyalty and unity. With the leadership of Bob Schaffer and new state party chair Bob Martinez, it … [Read more...]