Democrat Priorities: Unions over Taxpayers

Even the Denver Post had to chide Colorado's Democrat legislators this time. A pointed editorial in today's Post calls on the House Transportation Committee to kill Senate Bill 61, which has already passed the Senate floor. Regrettably, Republican Senator Norma Anderson abandoned the party's principles to join the unanimous Democrat caucus and give SB61 a 19-16 victory on Feb. 14. The main problem with the bill, as the editorial indicates, is its proposed reduction of private contracting services in the Regional Transportation District (RTD). The result is $143.5 million more in taxpayer costs over the next 12 years to maintain existing services. Rather than searching for ways to provide services at more efficient costs, the … [Read more...]

Books I’m Reading Now

I'm an avid reader and writer. It would explain why I enjoy blogging so much. There are certain times - tell me if I'm the only one - when I get into several books at once: books I'm reading at different paces for different purposes, books that I find rewarding in different ways. Now is one of those times. And since I'm thoroughly enjoying and/or learning from all of them, I thought I'd leave a record of them here. Maybe one will pique your interest, too. Listed in order of author's last name: Jim Berg, Created for His Glory - A challenging and inspiring in-depth look at God's precious promises in the first three chapters of Ephesians. Michael Medved, Right Turns - This book truly is a splendid read, full of autobiographical … [Read more...]

The Ball is in the Democrats’ Court

The release of a poll by the Denver Chamber of Commerce confirms what an earlier poll commissioned by the Independence Institute and Colorado Club for Growth revealed: the citizens of this state do not support Speaker Andrew Romanoff's plan to resolve its budget problems. Any proposed plan that is passed through the legislature must be approved by Colorado voters, and according to the Chamber's poll only 37 percent like Romanoff's solution. Governor Owens' plan, which isn't much better insofar as it wants to modify the TABOR limits, receives 55 percent of support in the same poll. House Minority Leader Joe Stengel (R - Littleton) reacted quickly to the news, saying there was no chance the Republican caucus would cooperate with … [Read more...]

Vox Blogoli 2.2: Learning the Lesson of Grant

Hugh Hewitt has dangled another Vox Blogoli before us, and I couldn't resist the temptation for this one... "Does the Senate GOP Go McClellan or Go Grant if Harry Reid 'Goes Gingrich?'" According to the New York Times, Senate Minority Leader Reid has threatened to shut down the business of the Senate if Bill Frist and the Republicans remove the filibuster rule for judicial confirmations. While awake to the danger of carrying the US Civil War-era historical analogy too far, I decided to address Hugh's question creatively and analytically. I write as someone who grew up a Civil War buff - voraciously devouring all sorts of literature on the subject by the time I entered college - and later made the transformation to junior Civil War … [Read more...]

Quick Friday Jottings

The Democrat majority in the Colorado legislature revealed their close affinity to the abortion absolutist lobby Thursday. The six Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee killed a bill that would have held medical doctors liable for the abortions of viable human fetuses. It was a moderate measure designed to curb the uncommon but barbaric practice of killing an unborn child that could otherwise survive outside the mother's womb. But we know where the Democrat legislators stand on this issue, beholden as they are to a certain lobby. In less startling news, Ward Churchill is now under investigation for artistic copyright fraud. The habits developed in his professional life carry over into his money-making hobbies, as well. Should … [Read more...]

Tell it to the Judge

Less than 24 hours remain until the emergency stay expires and Terri Schiavo's feeding tube will be removed. If you're concerned about the woman in this case, perhaps you've already told your friends and family, your pastor/priest, Gov. Jeb Bush, some Florida legislators, or even all those who read your blog. But Terri's fate rests in the hands of Florida Circuit Court Judge George W. Greer. Maybe you're so upset you say: "Let me tell it to the world!" My response: "Just tell it to the judge!"* Thanks to the American Family Association, it's really easy for you to write Judge Greer and share your concerns. Isn't it enough that Terri has some limited ability to communicate with facial expressions? All we are asking is that … [Read more...]

Apologize First… and Move On

The verbal fracas that erupted on the floor of the Colorado House of Representatives a couple days ago has made the Drudge Report. The Rocky Mountain News speaks common sense when it calls on both Rep. Bill Cadman (R - Colorado Springs) and Rep. Val Vigil (D - Thornton) to apologize rather than waiting for the other to step forward. I don't know what Vigil said to provoke Cadman's response, but neither acted appropriately. And I hope Cadman has already or will soon take the high ground, showing the good grace to apologize first. There are plenty of important issues the Republicans need to stand up and fight for during this legislative session (have you looked at some of those awful bills?). Let's not allow the personal squabbles to … [Read more...]

Florida Representative: Strong Feelings on Schiavo Case

Last night I sent out e-mails to 20 or so different Florida state legislators, with an ardent appeal on behalf of Terri Schiavo. Today I know at least one member of the Florida House of Representatives shares public concern. When you send out e-mails to public officials in a different state, for whom you can't vote and have almost zero likelihood of contributing time or money to help in one of their campaigns, it tends to be surprising that one of them would actually write you back. Unless they believe the issue you're writing about is so very important. My message: I am not a Florida resident, but after reviewing the facts of the Terri Schiavo case would earnestly exhort you to do all in your power to intervene on her behalf. … [Read more...]

You Can Help Out a Golden Candidate

The excellent local blogger (and friend of the Rocky Mountain Alliance) Girl in Right is throwing her hat into the ring in a special election for the Golden City Council. But she needs some help! Do you live in Ward 2 of the City of Golden (Ward 2 is mainly the south side of US 6 west of US40/Colfax, but follow the link to the map to make sure), or do you know someone who does? Your signature on a petition will help ensure that Barbara (Girl in Right) makes it on the ballot. Go to the volunteer web page on her campaign website if you can help. We need more solid and successful citizens like her to run for local offices like City Council! Thanks to Clay for bringing this important matter to our attention. … [Read more...]