Abortionist Illogic

You can learn a lot from someone's response. Take this for example... abortionist William Hern of Boulder is aghast that the mortuary he had contracted with to receive "fetal remains" had in turn been taking those remains to the Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church. In unveiling its "Memorial Wall for the Unborn," the parish recently announced that it had been receiving and burying the murdered babies since 2001. Hern alleges that Crist Mortuary violated a written contract, but Hern has also "declined to provide a copy of the contract." I think the story is best summed up by a quote in the Denver Post story from archdiocese spokesman Sergio Gutierrez: "It's puzzling, the confused messages being sent out. If they're not unborn … [Read more...]

From President… to Governor?

It's probably not a great mystery to Colorado political insiders that University of Denver President Marc Holtzman is serious about a run for the state's governorship. The dead governors at Colorado Pols [ed - for the uninitiated, the anonymous proprietor(s) of the site post under the pseudonyms of three former Colorado governors who all by a quirk of history served during the year 1905, exactly one century ago] have Holtzman ranked among the early favorites for the state's chief executive office in 2006. Marc Holtzman Having attended a meeting of the House Minority Caucus today, at the kind behest of Michele Austin, I now have some clear early impressions of Holtzman and his candidacy. The DU President is undoubtedly smart and … [Read more...]

The Greatest Inaugural Address

On this important national day of reflection - both gazing back at history and forward into the uncharted future - we celebrate the peaceful transition of power in our Constitutionally-limited republican government. Inauguration Day comes every four years on the American calendar. Many of the most important speeches of our national public life are given on these days. To read and study them is to see not only something of the men who delivered them but also of the times in which they lived and the challenges Americans have faced - and so very often surmounted, as well. I'm certainly not adding anything new or controversial to the conversation when I say that the best of them all remains Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, … [Read more...]

Don’t Underestimate Support for TABOR

The dead governors at Colorado Pols point to the results of a new survey co-sponsored by the Independence Institute and the Colorado Club for Growth: Of 600 likely Colorado voters who participated in the last election... 52% oppose the 'De-Brucing' changes to TABOR proposed by Speaker Andrew Romanoff and others. 33% support the 'De-Brucing.' The dead governors complain that the poll should be taken worth a grain of salt because of who commissioned the poll to be taken, then speculates about how the question must have been worded: ...what the survey does show is that Colorado's elected officials aren't doing a very good job at getting across the problems that TABOR has created. While we certainly understand that this is no easy … [Read more...]

The Dems’ First Week in Charge

Some good analyses of what it means to have a "bipartisan" Democrat majority in both branches of Colorado's statehouse: The Post's David Harsanyi looks at some of the "dopey" and "nanny" bills being proposed by our legislators. Good intentions do not necessarily lead to successful results, nor do they necessarily make good public policy. Michael breaks down the Democrat response to Governor Owens' State of the State speech. Breaking down Democrats' statistical assertions, Michael finds that many of the disparities in claims come down to this: the Democrats and liberals tend to measure input and the Republicans and conservatives tend to measure output. Best example? The statistic cited by many liberal groups that Colorado ranks … [Read more...]

RMA Starts Reviewing the State of the State

As most of my readers already know, several members of the RMA attended the Governor's State of the State speech yesterday at the behest of the Governor's office and House leadership. Afterwards, they got a private blogger press conference with Governor Owens and some photo-ops. First, the famous picture, originally posted on Clay's site: Michael is the first to flesh out some serious analysis: the governor laying down the veto gauntlet and which applause lines the Democrats in the chamber sat out on. The Kestrel suggests better educating Coloradans about the major role Amendment 23 has played in the budget crisis. He also has linked to the full text of the governor's address. Joshua catches the new Senate president … [Read more...]

She Said What?

You've got to grant Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald (D - Golden) something: it hadn't even been a full day since she took over as Colorado's first ever female Senate president. But in her speech to the joint session yesterday, Fitz-Gerald said: "I see an opportunity to provide a paycheck for every family, a textbook for every child and a doctor for every patient." Stop for a minute, re-read the quote, and ponder. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Sure, Joan. That's the way to solve the state's budget crisis. Spend your way out of it. Despite running on the platform of fiscal restraint, the Colorado Democratic Party looks like it won't be able to hide its true colors for long. She made this statement on the first day of … [Read more...]

Someone in Denver’s Old Media Gets It

Though David Harsanyi hints at the possibility, I'm not going to dissect every paragraph of his column in today's Denver Post. After taking compromised conservative columnist Armstrong Williams to task for his pay-off from the US Department of Education and recounting Dan Rather's narrow escape "after a weak-willed report cleared him of any politically motivated bias," our friend David Harsanyi examines the "New Media," and the Rocky Mountain Alliance in particular. … [Read more...]

Irony: Completing Today’s TABOR Trifecta

One might call this ironic: even as the Colorado General Assembly's session gets underway with the new Democrat majority planning to dismantle our state's cherished Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR), another state's public policy think tank recommends their state give TABOR a try. Where, you might ask? Kentucky. Read "A Taxpayers' Bill of Rights for Kentuckians," compliments of the Bluegrass Institute. It's certainly not the first time someone has recommended another government model Colorado's system. How about The Heritage Foundation recommending TABOR for the federal government, our friend Bill Hobbs lauding the NFIB for endorsing TABOR for Tennessee, or The Taxpayers League of Minnesota wishing their state would model a … [Read more...]