Tensions in the Ukraine

One of Colorado’s own, out of the country on a business trip, has found himself in the middle of a very tense situation. Thanks to modern technology, former Congressman Bob Schaffer is reporting on developing events in the Ukraine via his Blackberry.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has backed a major candidate in the Ukrainian election and declared him the victor. Thousands and thousands of his opponents’ supporters have declared the election corrupt and fraudulent, while the U.S. has urged Putin to back away from his premature anointing of his candidate’s victory. Tensions are high, as the results of a free democratic election are in question.

To keep up with developments, check out this page on the Denver Post’s site. Clay has posted some of Rep. Schaffer’s earlier dispatches.

As you say a prayer of thanksgiving today and tomorrow, remember to bring Bob Schaffer and his family before the throne of grace as well.

Update: Secretary of State Colin Powell has made an official statement not accepting the declared results of the election as legitimate. No word yet on whether Rep. Schaffer has been able to board a flight out of Ukraine so he can spend Thanksgiving with his family.