MSM Echoes Center-Right Blogger Sentiments

Three cheers to New Hampshire’s Manchester Union-Leader for today’s editorial titled “Suing for Jesus: Christians Fight Back to Defend Christmas.”

The conclusion of the essay is right on, showing that common sense has not completely escaped America’s newsrooms:

Rather than accept their exile, [Christians] are demanding the rights they have as taxpayers and citizens, ironically using the same methods the secular left used to remove them from public view in the first place.

Defending the rights of a minority being ill-treated by the government would be a natural step for the ACLU if it were still the American Civil Liberties Union and not the Anti-Christian Libertines Union. But it is conspicuously absent in this fight. Christians are having to turn to their own public interest law firms.

There are multiple religious and secular celebrations this time of year. Christmas, short for Christ’s Mass, is the biggest and most widely celebrated. It is up to Christians to remind government officials who want to remove Christmas from the Christmas season that they are citizens too and that acknowledging their holy day does not constitute a violation of the rights of others.

Hat tip to Real Clear Politics.


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    When it comes to the rights of Christians I remain wary of John Hickenlooper, mayor of Denver, who thought he could pull a fast one this year, when it came to the lights and signs on the buildings in Denver. I don’t trust him, I have never trusted him, and I never will.

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