Linking to the Origins Debate

Though it is not always the case, the debate between Darwinian evolutionary biologists and advocates of Intelligent Design can be very rich and insightful.

Rand Simberg and John Mark Reynolds have started an exchange. We can only hope the dialogue continues. Reynolds has a lot of thoughtful and eloquent things to say – here’s just a snippet to whet the appetite:

I once was a theistic evolutionist. My faith did not demand I abandon Darwin, but my best reason did. Plato had more to do with changing my mind than Genesis. Still, if Genesis had motivated me, I see no reason to apologize for it. It is a book of great genius (see the previous post) and persons who dismiss it lightly are likely merely engaging in chronological snobbery, the belief that new is always better than old.

Go ahead and read their arguments. It’s a very thought-provoking debate. Learn, engage, participate.

Also check out Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost.

Hat tip to Hugh.

And now for something completely different… It seems that Clay – along with myself and many others – has been scammed by the Web-controlled Christmas lights hoax. Ho, ho, ho! And let the race begin for some computer geek to put such a system into place for real.


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